Ken Blocks Climbkhana: A return to form for Mr. Block

Ken Block has been very busy as of late it was only a month ago I was talking about my disappointment in his Terrakhana video. But already Ken is back with his new Climbkhana video. Taking place at the legendary Pikes Peak hill climb course Ken takes his 1400BHP Hoonicorn V2 Mustang up the course in a death defying display of drifting mastery. Block has become well known for his gymkhana videos over the years, it’s what has made him such a success. But his last few videos have failed to hit the spot with me.

Ken Block TerrakhanaI am happy to say though that his latest video Climbkhana is a return to form. Block’s choice in Pikes Peak for his latest creation is fantastic and much more visually stimulating than the dust bowls in his previous Terrakhana video. The car itself is also much more interesting, rather than being a run of the mill Fiesta rallycross car we see the legendary Hoonicorn in action. My personal highlight of the video was Block drifting the Mustang round the famous corner the locals call the ‘Devils Playground’ where back in 2012 Jeremy Foley rolled his Mitsubishi Evo in a horrifying crash. (See Here) But of course Block laughs in the face of danger, and with 1400BHP on tap who can blame him.

Ken BlockKen Block has managed to make the promotional video an art form, because that’s basically what all these videos are, just videos to forward his Hoonigan brand and bulk up his bank balance with more money from sponsors. But who can blame him, his videos are an internet sensation, Climbkhana has almost reached 4 million views in just two days online. The standard may have slipped in some peoples opinions but to others every single one of his videos is a must watch clip of driving perfection.

What do you think of Ken Block’s Climbkhana let us know in the comments.

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