Fiat Punto is the first car to get zero stars by Euro NCAP

Fiat Punto Euro NCAPThe Fiat Punto is getting on in years now, the current version of the Italian super mini has been on sale for 12 years. As time goes by technology improves and the motor industry is one of the fastest moving, when the Punto was originally released in 2005 it was the first car to achieve Euro NCAP’s highest rating of 5 stars. However standards have improved over the following 12 years resulting in the Punto becoming out dated and dangerous. When it was recently retested the Punto achieved 0 stars, making it the first to get 5 and 0 stars.

Fiat Punto Crash TestAn FCA spokesperson brushed aside the statistics to try to maintain focus on the Fiat Chrysler groups more current offerings: “Safety is of the utmost importance to the FCA group. When Punto was launched 12 years ago, it was the first 5* EURO NCAP car in its class.  The importance of safety to the FCA group is demonstrated by the number of new models achieving 5*, for example Alfa Romeo Giulia, Alfa Romeo Stelvio and the Jeep Compass.” Fiat are yet to comment on what measures the company will take to rectify the situation.

Fiat Punto Crash test 2To demonstrate the severity of the situation the Dacia Duster was also recently tested and achieved 3 stars, with a Dacia spokesperson claiming: Aiming for four or five stars would have meant equipping Duster with a range of recent driving aids and technology and that would have made the car more expensive and more complex to drive.” Meaning that the Fiat Punto is suffering from a severe case of out datedness. Euro NCAP secretary general said: “This is perhaps the strongest example of a manufacturer continuing to sell a product that is well past its best-before date at the expense of the unsuspecting car buyer. We would urge consumers to choose cars with the most up-to-date five-star ratings, many examples of which we have seen in 2017.”

MK4 Golf Euro NCAPResults such as this do make you question the safety of other old cars on the road. I for one am thinking about how safe my own MK4 VW Golf is, originally a 4 star car I suspect under the current safety regulations my Golf would also be a 0 star car as well if not worse.

What do you think about the Fiat Punto’s safety score let us know in the comments.

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