Car Culture is killing itself, from the inside

Classic carsCar culture is a very unique entity in society. It’s one of the few communities that have one universal thing in common, a love of cars. What makes car culture so special is its diversity. Classic cars, modified cars, supercars, track day cars, drifters, they all have their own unique sub-communities. It’s understandable why. A car is almost certainly the most expensive thing someone may own after their house. It makes sense that someone may dedicate their time passion and money towards it.

The trouble with these communities however is that each and every single one of them, without exception hates the others. Classic car enthusiasts think modified cars are stupid and impractical, modified car guys think classics are old and slow, track day racers think supercar owners aren’t using their cars to their full potential, supercar drivers think everyone else is poor and everyone thinks drifters are just dangerous drivers. It’s one of the biggest problems with the car community, nobody can unite under one banner.

Modified carsThe amazing thing is there is a massive crossover between the different cultures, there are hundreds of modified classics and supercars out there. Some people do take their supercars to the track and the drifting scene is incredibly diverse when it comes to car choice. But nobody in their own culture will admit to liking something from another.

Track day cars

I hate to stray in to politics here as that’s not what you, me or anyone is here for, but car culture is a lot like the modern political world, everyone is arguing over Brexit, taxes, carrier bag charges, abortion laws, LGBTQ rights, border walls, war and much more, but no one is willing to move an inch on any issue. To solve problems you have to compromise otherwise nothing gets done. Each side has to give a little for things to move forward.

If car culture is to move forward we all have to accept that we are all part of one massive community, car enthusiasts. Each and every one of us celebrates Karl Benz’s creation in our own unique way, and it’s our uniqueness that makes us special.  Classic cars are where we’ve come from, modified cars are our own personalisation of our pride and joy, supercars are the pinnacle of technology and where we are going, track day cars are pushing people to their limit and drifters are going beyond it, each band of our community brings something special with it and we need to accept them or face extinction.

Super cars

Think, as a child how often did someone tell you that something you liked was stupid and you were silly for liking it, that happens everyday in the car community and turns people away from spending time with their cars and the people involved with them. This community is one of the most toxic and hard to get into, but it shouldn’t be. Underneath it all we are the same person, we are passionate about speed, power, metal, oil and petrol. We are petrol heads.

What do you think of the current state of car culture, let us know in the comments.

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