Practically perfect 2CV heads to auction

1561938_1954 Citroen 2CV mainA special restoration project Citroen 2CV, which was rebuilt in front of a live audience at the NEC, Birmingham, will be offered for sale by Classic Car Auctions at the June Sale on 2nd June at the Warwickshire Event Centre.

Having been abandoned in a London garage 43 years ago, in need of a full restoration, the 2CV was recovered, stripped and refurbished by the team at Practical Classics magazine, before being rebuilt on the live stage at this year’s Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show, with Discovery. Once completed, the like-new 2CV was driven off stage by Wheeler Dealers presenter, Mike Brewer.

Practical classics 2cv

“Owning a 2CV has been a life-long dream since I saw one for the first time as a little boy in Paris. However, this one turned out to be far more special than I ever anticipated,” explains the car’s owner, James Walshe, self-confessed 2CV nut and deputy editor at Practical Classics magazine.

The 2CV was first purchased on 16th June 1954 in Paris and was imported into the UK in 1963 by its second owner. In 1975, a growing family led the 2CV to being stored in favour of something more practical. It remained in storage until 1997 when it was purchased by a 2CV enthusiast who intended to restore the little French car, but unfortunately it was left abandoned, with the body stored in one garage and the engine and gearbox in another, for a further 20 years.

1561939_1954 Citroen 2CV pre restoration

Now in the hands of James and guided by the expertise of 2CVGB club members and Citroen experts, the car was stripped, sand-blasted, corrosion treated, primed and resprayed in its original, matt ‘Gris Fonce’. The original 375cc engine was also fully stripped, cleaned and refurbished along with the suspension by a well-known Citroen specialist. The interior retains its original basic nature, with new seat cushions and new roof completing the car. Now returned to its former glory with extraordinary attention to detail, the car has been given an auction estimate of £10,000 to £12,000 by CCA.

1561937_Rebuild on the Live Stage HR

Since its restoration, the 2CV has taken part in a very special road trip. Starting from the old Morris factory in Oxford, the 2CV was driven all the way to its birthplace, the Levallois factory in Paris, France, and then back to the UK, in celebration of the 2CV’s 70th birthday. This unique test run is featured in the latest issue of the magazine, and is star of the front cover.

The full story of this Citroen 2CV is available to read in the June 2018 issue of Practical Classics magazine, available in stores from 16th May.

To find out more about the sale of the car and the full lot list for CCA’s June Sale, please visit:

The New Ferrari 488 Pista: Italian styling, now with stripes

Ferrari 488 Pista 1It’s always tough buying a Ferrari, other than the financial out set there is always the fear that 6 months down the line the prancing horse will announce a faster version of the car you own, and in the process send your resale value through the floor. It happened with the 360, 430, 458 and now it has happened to the 488. Whilst the 488 has been a success overall it has always felt to be in the shadow of the 458 Italia, which changed the game for Ferrari and set them on a new course. Ferrari are hoping the 488 Pista will be the car to come out of the 458’s shadow and yet again change the game in Ferrari’s favour.

Ferrari 488 Pista 2The new Ferrari 488 Pista is essentially a souped up version of the standard 488, coming with a 3.9 litre turbocharged V8 the new 488 Pista produces 711BHP and 770Nm of torque. That power increase of 50BHP means the 0-62 time drops to a staggeringly quick 2.85 seconds. The Ferrari 488 Pista can go on to a top speed of more than 211MPH. The full reveal of the new 488 Pista is set to take place at the Geneva Motor Show next month where the order books will also open.

Ferrari 488 Pista 4The 488 Pista was designed in conjunction with the FIA World Endurance championship, where the Ferrari team have won 5 championships. This has led to Ferrari’s main aim for the 488 Pista, “to offer track-like performance on and off the road, even when in the hands of non-professional drivers”. Along with the power increase the Pista is also 90KG lighter thanks to a number of upgrades taken from the 488 Challenge car that competes in the Ferrari Challenge Series these include lighter Inconel exhaust manifolds, a lightweight crankshaft and flywheel along with titanium con rods and carbon fibre intake plenums.

Ferrari 488 Pista 3Rumours surrounding the follow up to the 488 been swirling for a while now, with many claiming the car would be known as the 488 GTO, taking the name from numerous Ferrari road racing cars. Pista in Italian actually means track and denotes Ferrari’s dedication to building cars that work just as well on the track as they do on the road whilst also hinting at the 488’s true home. Interestingly the 488 Pista shares many of the performance stats with the newly announced McLaren Senna although the price point for the Ferrari is less than a third of the Senna’s costing a measly £215,000 compared to the Senna’s £750,000.

Ferrari 488 Pista 5The interior and exterior of the Ferrari is covered with lashings of carbon fibre and features the now iconic Ferrari special edition stripe featured on many upgraded Ferraris in some form or another. But the new features don’t stop there, the new 488 Pista has a number of aerodynamic upgrades resulting in a 20% increase in downforce. But don’t think Ferrari have forgotten how to have fun in all their motorsports inspired lunacy, the 488 Pista features a new level of its Slideslip angle control system, first seen on the 458 Speciale the system allows an advanced level of stability control similar to that of a ‘drift mode’.

What do you think of the new Ferrari 488 Pista, let us know in the comments.

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Young Drivers are some of the safest drivers



When you think of a young driver who’s just passed their test, what do you think of? A maxxed out Citroen Saxo with music so loud the windows fall out, that guy speeding past you on the motorway doing half the speed of sound, or maybe even the girl who pulled out on you on the round about causing you to slam on your brakes. Well as it turns out you were all wrong, a new study has found that drivers in the 17-24 age bracket only accounted of 7.69% of speeding offences in the past 12 months.


The statistics showed that out of 754,187 speeding offences in the last year only 57,993 offences were from people in the 17-24 age bracket. The highest offenders were aged between 45 and 54 with 189,912 offences between them. The least likely to speed were those over 75 with only 28,393 offences in that age bracket.


However of the 2.7 million young drivers on the road aged between 17 and 24 just 2.14% of them were caught speeding in the last 12 months meaning they only came 4th on the list of offenders with 45-54 age bracket coming in 3rd with 2.2%, 35-44 in 2nd with 2.36% and the worst drivers on the road appear to be the 25-34 age bracket with 2.4 % being caught speeding in the last 12 months.

Don’t expect your insurance premiums to change any time soon young people out there, but it’s certainly a positive thing for the reputation of young drivers. Whilst there are still a few bad apples in the group the statistics show that whilst we may have the reputation of being the worst offenders on the road it is in fact untrue.

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Ken Block goes back to his roots in Gymkhana 9 Raw industrial playground


So the latest of Ken Blocks Gymkhana videos is up online, and frankly I’m a little disappointed, Gymkhana 9 as you see above see Block go back to his early Gymkhana videos, big open disused industrial area, 600BHP Focus RSX and extreme driving. Over the years Kens videos have gotten bigger and bigger with larger and larger spectacles taking place in LA San Francisco and even Abu Dhabi and what has been consistently great is the driving and stunts performed during it.

But as the budgets have gotten bigger and bigger, so have the expectations, I had expected to be amazed by the new and unique stunts performed, but I was completely underwhelmed, maybe I have come to expect too much from his videos. Block did donut around a Ford Raptor suspended from a chopper, which was impressive, but then he donutted close to water and drifted in front of a train, both things I’ve seen before, and frankly seen done better.

Ken has lost the ability to shock me I think, I expect bigger and bigger stunts to the point where it’s impossible for the videos to deliver. Hopefully this film was just a misstep and in Gymkhana 10 (or X as it will almost certainly be called) he finds a way to step his game up. But sadly this video wasn’t one of his best. But here it is anyway.

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Alpine are Back!

Alpine Vision 2

Alpine the long dead sports car manufacturer are back with a brand new car set for release in 2017. The Vision concept is set for a full reveal at next months Geneva Motor show. Now whilst most sports cars are known for monstering the track, Alpine are better known for their rally pedigree, even winning the World Rally Championship in 1967 with an A110 with Bernard Tramont behind the wheel.

Alpine Vision

Now the new Alpine is looking to take on the likes of the Porsche Cayman and the Alfa Romeo 4C, with a price tag of around £40,000 they are certainly heading in the right direction. The looks of the new Alpine that are clearly reminiscent of the A110, they are clearly trying to retain some brand recognition for the classic 60’s racer.

Alpine Vision Rear

Renault bought out Alpine in 1997, and are behind the new relaunch that has been rumoured since 2008. A 50 50 deal was made with Caterham to relaunch the brand in 2012 but Renault bought out Caterham in 2014 after financial problems for the British manufacturer. Originally the aimed curb weight for the Alpine was 1000kg but this would have required expensive lightweight body panels made out of carbon fibre.

Alpine Vision side

Renault has planned production to take place at their Dieppe plant, which was actually the original Alpine plant that Renault bought out in 97. The plant currently produces most Renault sport models. Renault have boasted that the new Alpine will have a sub 4.5 second 0-62 time. The engine is understood to be a 1.8 litre turbo charged unit developed from the Clio RS’ 1.6. power is expected to be between 250 and 300BHP. There has been no word on whether the Alpine will return to the WRC.

Images courtesy of Autocar

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The Land Rover Defender, Goodbye old Friend

Land Rover Defender

And so it ends, the Land Rover Defender has ceased production for the first time in 68 years. That is a legendary run, and I feel sorry for the so-called replacement, the DC100. It may be a very good car but in the eyes of the enthusiast it will never live up to the greatness that is, sorry was the Defender. I doubt Morris Wilkes, original designer of the Defender ever thought that nearly 70 years later his car would still be in production. Whilst the rest of the Land Rover cars increased in size and luxury turning from true off roaders into the suave luxurious beasts we see today, the Defender always stayed a simple small off roader more capable than any of its competitors, a symbol of Britain.

Land Rover DC100

The Defender will stand alongside the all time British greats, cars like the Mini, the Jaguar E-Type, cars that people will remember 50 years from now, and crave purely as collectible pieces. By the looks of it now the DC100 wont last 10 years, let alone the rest. Land Rover are making a mistake in replacing the Defender, because above all else the Defender was simple, I guarantee the DC100 will end up with tons of electronics that it wont need, and to quote Jeremy Clarkson “You push a little button and a light comes on… I want a lever that goes kerplunk, and that’s what you get in the Defender”.

Land Rover Defender Moor

I have faith in Land Rover they make some great cars, but they are built for the city rather than the country, they may be able to go off road but you’d never want to risk scratching the paint, what would they say then if you turned up at the golf club with a huge scratch down the side of your Range Rover. Whereas in a Defender you can simply cover it in mud and then drive all over the golf course tearing up the lawn.

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Ferrari to reveal a new FF at Villa d’Este

Ferrari FF 2

Ferrari are set to debut a new version of the FF at the Villa d’Este concourse event in February. The highly exclusive event is to take place around the beautiful Lake Como in Italy. Last year we saw BMW reveal the hideous M4 CSL so hopefully it’ll be better than that.

Ferrari FF

The Ferrari FF never really took the motoring world by storm despite it being a car I rather liked. the FF featured Ferrari’s first 4 wheel drive system along with it being Ferrari’s first hatchback vehicle. Ferrari aimed at taking on the likes of Range Rover for the first time as a luxury skiing vehicle designed to travel up the alps at high speed in absolute luxery, spoilers it didn’t. the original FF was always to twitchy thanks in part to its 4 wheel drive system which switched off once in fifth gear. The twitchiness also wasn’t helped by the 6.3 litre V12 and 651BHP, far too much for a vehicle designed to take on snowy mountain roads.

Ferrari FF Snow

Recent spy shots of winter testing show slight changes to the exterior with a larger grill helping more air get to the V12 slight changes were made to the lights but, Id expect the 4 wheel drive system to stay the same. Rumours also suggest a power increase from the V12 possibly pumping it up to 670 or even 680BHP. Despite the update I’d still expect the uber rich to stick with their Range Rovers and Porsche Cayennes. The Ferrari FF is to much of a combination car, being a mixture of Super car and usable every day car is very hard to pull off and unless massive changes are made before the unveil the FF will fall flat on its beautifully sculpted face.

The Emissions Scandal Rolls On


Renault Clio RS.jpg

Last year when VW were found to be using a cheat device in the emissions system for there diesel cars it was shocking and is going to cost VW a lot of money not just in recalls but in compensation as well and possibly lawsuits. So it would be incredible if any other company would be found to be cheating their emissions. VW has set the example in how not to do it, so surely nobody else would do it. Well no Renault recently had their factories raided by police in relation to the emissions scandal. It is believed that several computers owned by company directors have been seized following the raid.

Renault Megane.jpg

Despite the raids on the company Renault are confident their cars will pass the tests set up in the investigation with flying colours. Despite this the damage may have already been done as company shares dropped by 20% following the raid. Renault were supposedly meant to be one of the companies calling for stricter regulations after the initial scandal.

Vauxhall Zafira

The car industry is under close scrutiny after VW, and Ford and Mercedes are also said to be under investigation. Vauxhall were quick to deny a defeat device after BBC Panorama ran an investigation on the Vauxhall Zafira and found that it was cheating on emissions as well.

Mazda reveal Speedster and Spyder MX5’s

Mazda MX5

Mazda have revealed two new concepts at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. The MX5 Speedster and the MX5 Spyder were both revealed. The Spyder is roughly a standard 2016 MX5, but instead of the standard folding roof, it features a bikini top. The Spyder tips the scales at just over a tonne in weight. And features a sleek mercury silver exterior with brown leather interior, to match the bikini roof. The Spyder features various aerodynamic accessories along with lightweight 17-inch Yokohama ADVAN Racing RS II wheels. Overall nothing to get excited about, it may be released as a special edition further into the MX5’s life cycle.

MX5 Spyder

What you should get excited about is the MX5 Speedster, similar to past speedsters its unlikely to make production, but with rumours of the Mini Superleggera maybe making production in the future, the Speedster would be a perfect rival for it. The Speedster is a fully striped back version of the MX5, weighing just under a tonne, they’ve removed the windscreen, and given the car carbon fibre doors and seats. Mazda say it was based around vintage roadsters. They wanted to recreate the classic wind in the hair feelings of the past. (I thought that was what all convertibles were for) and with removing the windscreen they also added the lovely taste of bugs in the teeth.

MX5 Speedster

Overall I doubt either of these cars will see production, not anytime soon at least but they are at least exciting glimpses into what could be. But the Lotus 2-Eleven made production and I never saw that coming, the Speedster is remarkably similar to that, why not? It would undoubtedly sell, provided they kept production low, they could create a true limited edition sports car, not some mass produced plastic track day car.

Sorry guys not been around for a while but now I’m back.

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