Porsche reveal the new GT2 RS at E3

Porsche took an unusual step to reveal the new 911 GT2 RS, rather than unveil the car at one of the larger shows such as Detroit or Geneva, Porsche decided to reveal the GT2 RS at the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 for short. E3 is a video game event where the great and the good of the industry reveal their new projects. During an onstage press conference the Porsche 911 GT2 RS was revealed as the new cover car for racing game Forza Motorsport 7 as part of a new deal between Porsche and Microsoft.

911 gt2 rs 2Dan Greenawalt, Creative director for Forza 7 unveiled the car, calling it the most powerful 911 Porsche have ever built. The GT2 RS uses a turbocharged flat 6 engine producing close to 700BHP. The GT2 RS, which is due a full reveal by Porsche themselves later in the year has a 0-62 time of just over 2.5 seconds and on to a top speed in excess of 205MPH. The 911 GT2 RS is a big step for the partnership between Porsche and Microsoft, as the deal was only announced earlier this year. (See more on the deal here)

911 GT2 RSPrevious cover cars for the Forza Series include a Subaru Impreza, Nissan 350Z, Ferrari 458 Italia, Audi R8, Mclaren P1 and the new Ford GT, so the 911 GT2 RS is certainly in welcome company. The game is to be released on October 3rd and we are expected to see more of the GT2 RS later in the year, with it going on sale in 2018.

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The Return of the Sports Car, Isn’t it brilliant

2015 Mazda MX5

It’s a great time to be a driver isn’t it, there are so many great cars out there right now, and it seems we are getting a return of some truly brilliant cars, the sports cars. Sports cars have waned in popularity over the years, people are choosing to go for more practical hot hatches rather than the fun two-seaters. We saw the death of the Honda S2000 in 2009 and the MR2 gave up 2 years before that. Mazda had also appeared to stop bothering with the MX5 for a while.


But now I am happy to say the sports car is back, we of course have the fantastic Toyota/Subaru/Scion GT86/BRZ/FRS, and then we have the new MX5 next year to look forward to. We really are seeing a return of the true greats, however the Germans appear to be letting it slip the Z4 is starting to look a little tired, and the SLK has been overtaken completely, even by other cars within the Mercedes range.

Alfa 4C

The Italians are trying again as well with the Alfa Romeo 4C, which although being hilariously over priced is fantastic fun to drive. There are also rumours hovering around that Abarth may announce a new car this year based on the failed Mazda Alfa collaboration, and personally I think a modern RWD Barchetta would really energise the current Fiat line up which hasn’t had a truly fun sports car since the original Barchetta died back in 2005.


We do appear to have three top contenders for the crown of top sports car now, which has been severely lacking in recent years, the new MX5 will undoubtedly be there for Japan the Italians will wield the 4C and the Germans can bring the excellent handling of the Porsche Cayman. Three great cars for the modern era of sports cars we can only hope that the sports car doesn’t go away like it did before as they are some of the most fun cars you can drive.

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The 911 rivalling McLaren 540C


McLaren have decided to take on the 911 with their new car the 540C, only one company in recent memory has managed to challenge the 911 for its crown as most usable daily supercar and that was Audi with the R8. However the level of innovation over the R8’s lifespan has a lacking rivalling the 911 itself. This has led to the R8 becoming just as boring a choice as the 911. However with McLaren showing an increased productivity level that we haven’t seen from them ever with them announcing the 650S, 650 GT3, 675LT, 570S and even the P1 followed by this 540C I don’t think their new car will become as stale as the R8 and is more likely to be replaced by a new car before its due.

540C R

Revealed at the Shanghai auto show the 540C will come with the same 3.8 litre V8 that has become standard across the whole of the McLaren platform it’ll produce 533BHP and 398lb-ft of torque with a 0-62 time of 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 199MPH prices start at £126,000. Many have been saying that this is just a detuned 650S and their may be some truth in that but is that so wrong. The 650S is a fantastic car but now you can afford one that is just a tiny bit slower than the latter, just like the 911. Can’t afford a Turbo but want a 911 get a Carrera its simple. I can’t see the McLaren being as successful as the 911 but I think it will give the option to someone who doesn’t want the now boring R8 or wants to be imaginative and not buy a 911.

2015 Ford Focus ST

ST 2015

So at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed Ford showed off the “all new” 2015 Focus ST. Otherwise known as Ford showed off a face-lifted version of the current Focus ST. which I think we all expected. The new car comes with the same engine as the current ST, a 2.0 litre turbocharged eco-boost 4 cylinder and it still puts out the same 252 BHP.

So what’s new well on the new car Ford have changed the suspension setup along with the electric steering to give better ride and handling. First of all Ford bin the electric steering as Porsche have found out with the 911 nobody likes it. It completely ruins the feel behind the wheel but hopefully the magicians at Ford can do something great with it, after all these are the guys who brought us the Fiesta ST my car of the year for 2013.

Also rather worryingly there have been rumours circulating about a possible diesel ST. For me this is an interesting idea and not completely horrible. Yes at first look a diesel doesn’t have the power of its petrol equivalent. But what they do have is great torque meaning an awesome launch perfect for the traffic light drag races we all know and love. And Ford are kings of the hot hatch meaning if anyone can pull it off its them. But it would take some incredible knack from Fords scientists in the suspension department to solve the problem of the giant oil burner at the front end.

The Most Overrated Car in History


The Porsche 911 has been around for 50 years this year. The 911 is said to be one of the best super cars around however personally I think its one of the most over rated cars ever. Yes the 911 was a good car but it never really progressed the body is pretty much the same as it was 50 years ago. The flat 6 engine has been updated and modified to make it more powerful over the years and makes the 911 a very good car indeed.


However the 911 is always put forward as the best car in the world. But people seem to forget that the latest 911 has electric steering system rather than hydraulic this means that you lose a lot of the feel in the steering that made the previous 911 so great. This was because the electric system is said to improve fuel economy. I’m sorry I thought the 911 was meant to be a sports car, people who want a 911 don’t care about fuel consumption they care about speed and feel.


The current 911 accelerates from 0-60 in just over 4 seconds. The power of 400BHP coming from a 3.8 litre flat 6 in the Carrera S. Many journalists think that the 911 is a god among cars but I disagree the 911 always seemed to be an obvious choice, yes it was a very good car but the 911 hasn’t got the same reputation as it had in the 80’s. The car was nicknamed the Widow maker with there enormous whale tail rear spoilers these were my favourite 911’s not the new tamed version.