Top 5 Fun cars

Cars don’t always have to be practical, they don’t always have to be usable everyday, sometimes a car just has to be fun to win your heart and once a car reaches their its never leaving. Now a fun car doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good car, its character driven, and every persons list will be completely different based on our tastes and experiences. So here is my top 5 list of fun cars.

Aston Vulcan

  1. Track day cars

A track day car does exactly what it says on the tin, a fun car based for the track, be it a base level Caterham 7 or a top of the line Aston Martin Vulcan both are essentially built for the same purpose to but a smile on your face whilst on the track. Most track day cars however are just plain horrible to live with, some don’t even have windscreens or are even illegal to drive on the roads. But that doesn’t stop you wanting one.

Fiat Barchetta

  1. Fiat Barchetta

The Fiat Barchetta is an unusual car as it looks like the classic Italian sports car, and driving it can brighten even the darkest day, you could be driving home from your parents funeral and couldn’t help but smile in a Barchetta, its just a happy little car. But the Barchetta is under powered and front wheel drive making it fall far behind its completion in the Mazda MX5 and Toyota MR2. But neither of those cars have the character of the little Fiat, the Fiats flaws are exactly what makes you love it, it makes it oddly human.


  1. Classic Cars

Classic cars are generally fantastic, they make you yearn fro a time when fuel was cheap and the roads were empty. They maybe weren’t as fast as their modern competitors and were in no way safe but they were fun and some would say prettier than most of the cars on the roads today. But with age comes unreliability, it will happen to us all as you get older you’ll find yourself pulling over much more often because of a leak or an odd smell, I think I’m still talking about the car but I may be wrong.

VW Beetle BAJA

  1. VW Beetle Baja

What could be more fun than Herbie, and off road Herbie. The Beetle is an undeniable legendary car but its less common off road brother is where my heart lies, its capability off road is still limited compared to your much more hardcore off road rivals but those are so much less fun. The Beetle Baja wasn’t built for speed, safety or comfort but wins you over with its amazing characterful go anywhere ability and of course because it’s a Beetle.

VW Golf MK4

  1. Your Car

There could only be on pick for the most fun car to drive, it has to be your own car, because driving is inherently fun and being in your own machine that you’ve spent your own hard earned money on with your music and the road to yourself is truly magical. It doesn’t matter what you drive be it a 1.1 Daihatsu Charade or a Ferrari 488 GTS if you own it, its your magical place of worship to the driving gods, yours place to fulfil your driving passions and desires. It is truly the most fun car ever.

Whats Do you think is the most fun car? Sound off in the comments.

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Enough with the retro styling

MINI grows

Cars get old. It’s just a fact of life and when cars get old you replace them with something new and better. The trouble comes in when something is so iconic that the public just can’t seem to let it go. So the company decides to just make the old car again just with new technology. We first saw it with the New Beetle, which was just a Golf in a dress with a flower pot stuck to the dash. Then we saw the new Mini from BMW, which was a bit more successful but has in no way reached the iconic status of the original Mini. Finally we had the Fiat 500 a car that in the past pretty much ran Italy, but again the new 500 is just a Fiat Panda with a new body.

BeetleThis obsession with the past has to stop. Cars become iconic over time and trying to recreate them in the modern age just doesn’t work simply because those legendary cars of the time in fact weren’t that good to begin with when you compare them to todays standards. The VW Beetle was a car born out of war just to get Germany back on its feet and I don’t think it would be as revered today if it hadn’t had a red and blue stripe down it and the number 53 on the door. Both the Mini and the Fiat 500 are death traps you would be safer on the road in a paper bag than one of those.

Citroen Type HWhy am I ranting about this now, well because Citroen have decided to get in on the action with a new body kit for their Citroen Relay van, the kit is meant to look like the Citroen type H van, which was first made in 1947. Now this is a van that is quite literally a shed with wheels and while it maybe old, maybe even a classic, it in no way deserves to be modernized in this way. The new H is to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the original and thankfully only 70 will be made.

BMW M2 2002Please car companies stop with the retro cars, how can any new cars grow to be as iconic when you keep reminding us of the past with these new retro cars that merely act to damage the reputation of the original. Let the icons live on in classic car form and create new classics, cars like the VW Corrado or the BMW M2 (which while it copies the 2002 Turbo ideas is its own car entirely), cars that are as brilliant today as they will be 20 to 30 years from now.

What do you think of this retro revolution sound off in the comments.

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VW Beetle Dune comes to the UK


Beetle Dune Reaer

The VW Beetle Dune is available to order as of today here in the UK. This new evolution of the classic Beetle Dune Buggy is available as both a coupe and as a convertible, so expect some dune bashing to be happening soon. The Beetle Dune is essentially a normal VW Beetle with some slight modifications to the body and the mechanicals. The body has some slight wheel arch extensions which mean the Dune is 14mm wider than the standard Beetle, whilst a 10mm lift adds an extra off road hint.

Beetle Dune interior

The base model comes with a 1.2 litre engine with 104BHP, with the option of either a 6-speed manual or 7-speed DSG auto gearbox mirrored from the standard Beetle. The interior features also mirror the standard Beetle with a 6.5 inch touchscreen with Bluetooth along with a DAB radio, auto lights and wipers, and parking sensors. The Dune also gets some new funky sports seats to complete the interior.

Beetle Dune

Whislt this may not be every mans choice, in like the look of the Dune, the new Beetle never really made the splash it intended to when it launched, but I really like the additions VW have made to create the Dune, its just enough to remind people of the original Baja Bug of the 60’s and 70’s but with all the modern creature comforts that we demand from out cars. It’s certainly better than Citroen’s reimagining of the Mehari with the C4 Cactus M.

The Beach Buggy Returns

Beetle Dune

Well it seems I was wrong, it seems that the beach buggy is coming back. What with Citroen showing off the new C4 Cactus Mehari at the Geneva Motor show this year, and now VW announcing a new VW Beetle Dune at the recent LA auto show, they seem to be returning rather quickly. Whilst I still think that the C4 Cactus Mehari is a stupid idea (its got no back doors for god sake) I am much more interested in the VW Beetle Dune.

Beetle Dune interior

The Dune has been rumoured for a long time now and VW finally pulled the covers off it at the LA Auto show, possibly to distract people from the recent emissions scandal. The Dune is set for release in the US in early 2016 and in Europe later in the year. The Dune is available in both convertible and hard top models and rather than being the beach cruiser we all wanted VW say it is much more of a crossover vehicle.

Beetle Dune Reaer

Other than the exterior changes and slight interior tweaks (sports seats and a new dash) most of the Dune sticks with the current Beetle platform. This includes the engines with three turbo petrol engines and two diesels ranging from 104BHP to 217BHP.



The Geneva Motorshow

Apologies for the lateness of this post this is due to the Geneva Motor show last week and I didn’t want to miss anything so I will give you an extra long post now.

Geneva 1

First of all I want to talk about Aston Martin, lately I’ve felt that Aston has been trundling along just fine, the trouble is a lot of their cars are the same they all have the same 6.0 litre V12 although giving slightly different power each time, and their cars look roughly similar to the DB9. Vantage, mini DB9, Vanquish, expensive DB9, One 77, expensive DB9 and of course the DBS is a DB9 sport and with their new car shown of at Geneve we finally have a track day DB9, its called the Vulcan and isn’t road legal. Think of it in the same light as the Ferrari FXX or the Pagani Zonda R.

Geneva 3

Secondly we have the new Koenigsegg Regera a car with monstrous power (1782BHP to be exact) from a hybrid V8 with three electric motors attached. I think we have come to the point when I have to say is that really necessary almost 1800BHP and it only goes 0-62 in 3.2 seconds and up to 250MPH in 20 seconds, the Veyron has already done that and shocked the world when it did, it doesn’t need doing again. Also apparently according to Andreas Petre, Koenigsegg’s director of sales in Asia, Middle East, Africa and Oceana, it wouldn’t be difficult to drive on the road: “It has very sophisticated ESP, traction control, active chassis and aerodynamics. It’s like a very fast Tesla with a beautiful sound.” I doubt that very much so.

Geneva 4

McLaren showed off an update to the 650S already, they call it the 675LT(LT referring to F1 long tail of the past) and its supposed to be a harder faster version of the 650S. It’s said to go 0-62 in 2.9 seconds (see Koenigsegg you’ve already been beaten) with a devil enticing 666BHP from a twin turbo V8. The 675LT is also lighter than the 650S, with a dry weight of 1280KG it weighs 100KG less. Only 500 are set to be sold worldwide for a easily affordable £259,500. (Right where’s my checkbook)

Geneva 2

Porsche showed off the old 911 GT3, sorry the new GT3 (so hard to tell the difference these days) with a 4.0 litre 6 cylinder engine it produces 493BHP. After that its essentially the same old story, fast version of fast car that goes fast blah blah blah.

Geneva 5

Anyway Bentley have brought a nice new Aston Martin shaped car to Geneva in the EXP 10 Speed 6 and I have to say I really don’t like the front end of this car, it looks like that hideous Japanese Mitsuoka Arochi that nobody cared about. The Speed 6 is to go one sale within the next 3 years alongside the Continental GT for £120,000. Bentley says it will be a hybrid, however it is more likely to use the same 4.0 litre V8 used in other Bentleys.

Geneva 6

In other news Morgan revealed another car from their past in the Aero 8, they say its all new however it looks suspiciously like the old Aero 8 right down to the cross eyes. It also uses the same engine a BMW sourced V8 that other Morgan’s used. So it looks as if they have brought a car back from the past, who would’ve expected that from Morgan.

Photos courtesy of Autocar

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Rumours for 2014

Many people are speculating about what we may see in this upcoming year. These are merely rumours I have heard throughout the motor industry and are in no way confirmed.


Ford Fiesta RS

Since the success of the Fiesta ST last year (it was even my car of the year), Ford would be well advised to bring out an even hotter version of the premier Hot Hatch. Horsepower wise probably expect more than the Fiesta ST but less that the mental Focus RS, between 230BHP and 250BHP would be my guess.


Beetle Dune 2

Many people urged VW to put the original Dune concept into production way back in 2000 but they didn’t. It was going to be an off-road beetle. The problem with this is I see the retro car turning into the Mini with thousands of different types none of which are any good except the original.



This is pretty much confirmed the M2 will be the new 1M coupe and the M4 will be the new 2 door M3 not much more to say other than expect these to be on the streets very soon.


Ferrari California

Yes I do realize that there already is a Ferrari California, however due to Ferraris life cycle this would be the year for a new one maybe Ferrari San Francisco. Many people hate the original California just because it is the soft Ferrari, however I quite like it, even if it does look like a Lexus SC430.


Toyota Supra

The Toyota Supra is a legendary car. Not much is known about the new Supra or even if it exists. It’s not even known what it’ll compete with, will it go for the Super car market against Ferraris, or will it stand where the original was, against the coupes, Audi TT Alfa Brera and Mazda RX8. Personally I think it will be the latter. I think it will be a bigger more powerful GT86. This car is so unknown its even tough to find a picture.

Run To The Sun is Over


Run to the Sun the well-known Cornish car and music festival has finished with the last festival closing yesterday.

Run to the Sun has decided to finish after their 27th year. The Newquay festival famous for its music and Volkswagen show took place at the Trevelgue Holiday Park.

The festival has always been big for the VW fans: “I just love to bring my bus down and soak up the atmosphere.” Said Jack Shory 25, from Birmingham, “the journey takes a while but the festival is awesome.”


The festival has often caused upset among the local residents because of the conjestion of the roads and the noise late at night. However the Run To the Sun festival has never been there to please the locals it’s there because of the amazing music and cars on offer.

The show and shine is always a highlight of the festival for the car fans and this year was no different with hundreds of Golf’s Beetle’s and Campers coming from miles around just for the festival.

Local resident Steve Plyde said: I wont miss the festival at all, I mean yes the young people have lost their festival but us residents have regained our quiet beautiful scenery.”


Crime has halved this year thanks to a strong police presence at the site and surrounding area, with 34 offences recorded between Friday and Monday compared to 64 last year.

Many will sadly miss the festival as it’s always been one of the first modding festivals of the season but sadly the VW scene will have to find somewhere else to start their festival season.