Drive your cars, its what they’re built for

BMW i8 5Cars are built to be driven. Fullstop, end of story, that is literally their only purpose in life. But some people seem to buy up cars and insist on never driving them. If I bought a book and never read it you would laugh at me. If I bought a new outfit but never wore it that would be ridiculous. So why are people ok with it when it comes to cars.

Ferrari FF SnowWhen a brand new Ferrari leaves the factory it is expected to be driven its what the designers, engineers and builders made it for. Why is it then that decades later that same Ferrari will come to auction with barely any miles on it in pristine condition and sell for £20,000,000. The bidders at these auctions are exactly the same, they will never drive their million pound purchase for fear of decreasing the value. What you’ve bought then is not a car, what you’ve bought is the world’s most expensive paperweight.

Ford Sierra CosworthMy bigger fear nowadays is this problem is spinning down into the formerly everyman classic market. I recently came across a Ford Sierra Cosworth with no miles on it. Since it left the factory it hadn’t travel a single mile. That is ridiculous and cruel. If you bought a horse and never let it leave the stable you would be put in prison for animal cruelty. Performance cars are meant to be driven, and driven hard. They are built to take the punishment and will reward you with the greatest pleasure known to man (no not that one). FUN!

Jaguar E-Type Barn FindThe pleasure of owning a car doesn’t come from having it sit in a sealed garage under a cover until you die and your kids sell it on, the pleasure comes from driving it, appreciating it, forming a bond with the car. Sell the kids for all I care just drive the car and enjoy it as it was meant to be enjoyed, on the road.

Do you think cars are meant to be driven, let us know in the comments.

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The BMW M4 CSL To Be Revealed Soon


BMW are teasing car aficionados again they’ve made a new CSL and are making us wait till the 22nd of May to see it, how cruel. The original 3.0 CSL was made in 1972 and was a homologation special for the European Touring Car Championship. It was nicknamed the Batmobile for obvious reasons. At over 120MPH those giant spoilers were rumoured to provide up 90KG of down force to the car.

3.0 CSL

The new car based on the M4 will be revealed at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. I’d expect something similar to the CLK Black, from Mercedes, a super focused hardcore drivers car, built for nothing more than driving pleasure. Engine wise I suspect a tuned version of the M4’s standard 3.0 twin turbo straight 6 will be slotted in. Many people are expecting the M4 to finally hit 500BHP with this car with over 600lb ft of torque, not that the original lacks power.

Its currently not known if BMW will make a production model, we may find out on the 22nd, personally I hope they do the M4 is a great car and I think the CSL will make it a better more focused drivers car rather than the footballers car the current model is. If they do make a production model expect there to not be many as there were only 1039 of the original 3.0 CSL. So get your orders in quickly.

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