Richard Hammond is fine everyone.

Richard HammondSo as a lot of you have probably already heard Richard Hammond of The Grand Tour and Top Gear fame crashed another car quite badly in Switzerland during filming for the next series of The Grand Tour. Thankfully Richard is fine and only came out with a broken knee in what could have been a much more serious accident. Richard was driving the new Rimac Concept One electric super car at the time one of only eight (now seven) ever made.

Richard has since sat down with Rimac owner Mate Rimac and journalist Alistair Weaver to go over the incident and in some ways reassure his fans that he is in fact fine. In the video the trio discuss the crash itself obviously but also go into the Concept One itself along with what they were actually doing there in Switzerland in the first place, it’s a very interesting watch and I encourage you all to watch it here.

Rimac Concept one.pngRichard did say that despite the crash the next series of The Grand Tour is still on schedule for its October release. The show itself will likely still feature the crash due to the massive publicity from it, but also after Hammonds previous crash in a jet car the trio went over the crash in detail on Top Gear after Hammonds return.

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Mini Concepts could make production


Mini Superleggera

Two of Mini’s concepts have the possibility of making production, thanks to overwhelming support from the public. The concepts in question are the Rocketman first unveiled in 2011, and the Superleggera, a two door convertible sports car revealed in 2014. Ralph Mahler, Mini’s Product Chief said to Autocar: “The Rocketman is inspiring us as of today”. He went on to say that the Rocketman would be more likely to make production as a electric car, based on the underpinning of parent company BMW’s i3.

3/4Front_türauf_var_ 003

The likelihood of us seeing the Superleggera are much more in question however, one of the few things keeping it going is the love the public had for it when it was revealed in 2014. The Superleggera was a team effort from both Mini and coachbuilder Touring Superleggera. With the complete flop of the Mini roadster in the last generation of mini, it’s difficult to say whether BMW will bite the bullet and put it into production.

Mini Superleggera 2

This does show a fascinating future for Mini though, what with the release of the next generation Mini, 5 door and Clubman last year. Mini also plan to reveal another concept at the celebrations for BMW’s centenary on June 16th in London. At the moment it is too early to say that you’ll be seeing the Rocketman and the Superleggera on the roads any time soon but it is certainly a step in the right direction, taking Mini back to the forefront of car production. They are two fields Mini haven’t entered for a long time, the tiny car market has been held by the Japanese since the death of the original Mini, and the Germans are only just daring to step into it, with the VW Up, hopefully the Rocketman will be the next.

Alpine are Back!

Alpine Vision 2

Alpine the long dead sports car manufacturer are back with a brand new car set for release in 2017. The Vision concept is set for a full reveal at next months Geneva Motor show. Now whilst most sports cars are known for monstering the track, Alpine are better known for their rally pedigree, even winning the World Rally Championship in 1967 with an A110 with Bernard Tramont behind the wheel.

Alpine Vision

Now the new Alpine is looking to take on the likes of the Porsche Cayman and the Alfa Romeo 4C, with a price tag of around £40,000 they are certainly heading in the right direction. The looks of the new Alpine that are clearly reminiscent of the A110, they are clearly trying to retain some brand recognition for the classic 60’s racer.

Alpine Vision Rear

Renault bought out Alpine in 1997, and are behind the new relaunch that has been rumoured since 2008. A 50 50 deal was made with Caterham to relaunch the brand in 2012 but Renault bought out Caterham in 2014 after financial problems for the British manufacturer. Originally the aimed curb weight for the Alpine was 1000kg but this would have required expensive lightweight body panels made out of carbon fibre.

Alpine Vision side

Renault has planned production to take place at their Dieppe plant, which was actually the original Alpine plant that Renault bought out in 97. The plant currently produces most Renault sport models. Renault have boasted that the new Alpine will have a sub 4.5 second 0-62 time. The engine is understood to be a 1.8 litre turbo charged unit developed from the Clio RS’ 1.6. power is expected to be between 250 and 300BHP. There has been no word on whether the Alpine will return to the WRC.

Images courtesy of Autocar

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