What’s with all the Hybrids


5 years ago hybrids were seen as being pathetic little eco boxes that only celebs and thick people drove (same thing aren’t they) but now even the top end companies are investing in saving the planet. Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche’s top cars are all hybrids, now I know I’ve already spoken quite a bit about all three of the cars but now I want to speak about other hybrids and electric cars.


Many companies have very solid eco divisions of course we have the originator of eco, Toyota with their Prius and then we have Honda with their Insight and the even more extreme hydrogen powered Clarity. But then we have the more high end companies such as BMW with the I8 and then luxury gods Rolls Royce with there full electric Phantom.


Now most of these cars are great minus the Prius and the Insight which both manage to look exactly like a steam iron. But when almost all car companies are bringing electric versions of their standard cars such as Ford with the Fiesta and Fiat with the 500, I can see the standalone hybrid dying out and sooner than you think. This I think is a good thing as the very idea of a hybrid is counter productive.

Mount Keith_Nickel_mine 

The nickel for the batteries is mined this creates a lot of acid rain which damages the environment, then the nickel is shipped halfway across the world to be refined into a foam that is then shipped to factories to put in the batteries which then goes into the cars. The Land Rover Discovery whilst being a giant gas guzzling 4×4 is all created in the same country with all the parts coming from within 200 miles of one another and actually works out better for the environment rather than the stupid hybrids.


So there it is the idiocy of the hybrid and don’t get me started on the G-wizz


Happy New Year

Here’s my top 5 cars of 2013 lets hope for more awesomeness in 2014

5. Porsche 918 Spyder


We’ve been waiting a long time for the 918 since 2010 in fact and this year we finally got it. The hybrid engine monster puts out 887 HP from a 4.6 litre V8 teamed with a 6.8kW battery this thing is truly mental.


4. Ford Mustang


The new ford mustang was released late this year even though we already new pretty much all we needed to know from spy shots and rumours but on the 5th of December the new ‘stang was officially revealed with a 5.0 litre V8 with over 440HP.


3. Mclaren P1


The McLaren P1 was one of the big three this year all of which feature on this list. Only 375 were built and sorry guys all were sold by November. Again with a hybrid engine the P1 is truly an F1 for a modern age, pumping out over 900 horses of brutish british horses this hyper car is incredible.


2. Ferrari LaFerrari


Ferrari LaFerrari really does have a stupid name, but leaving that alone, the car is the new Enzo and you can’t ignore that. Yet again this new hyper car comes with a hybrid engine this one has a 6.3 litre V12 with a kers system, this pumps out over 950 horses of power.


1. Ford Fiesta ST


The ST is my number one for one reason this car is a giant killer and an instant classic, Ford have done a brilliant job with the turbo-charged 1.6 litre engine only putting out 180HP but due to the light and nimble body the car handles excellently and is the most fun you can have for under £20,000.

The New Icona Vulcano


This is the new car by Icona called the Vulcano. It’s a V12 Hybrid with 950BHP. The car also has a claimed top speed of 216MPH. The car will go on show at the Salon Prive in London this will be its debut.


Personally I don’t think it’s a particularly good-looking car, its too tall in the front and those vents are way too big. It clearly has publicity photos taken by Jeremy Clarkson. I also think its going to be incredibly hard for it to be successful especially with the ne Ferrari LaFerarri and the McLaren P1 both coming out soon.


Also there is the problem of price the Ferrari and the McLaren are both around the £1 million mark. The Vulcano is going to be €3 million which is just over £2.5 million. Who would rather have this than one of the two top cars from two of the top companies? 


Of course it’s the biggest week in cars this week with the Geneva motor show happening in Switzerland. There have been many reveals of new cars such as the Toyota FT-86, the Rolls Royce Wraith and the Porsche 911 GT3. But then of course we have the big ones. Of course I’m talking about the Ferrari Laferrari,(stupid name) the McLaren P1, and the Lamborghini Veneno.


The Laferrari to those who don’t know is basically the Enzo 2. This is probably the biggest reveal of a car for a number of years. The Laferrari has been a revelation for people around the world. The new car has a hybrid 6.3 litre V12 that produces 790BHP with the electric motor bringing another 160BHP to the party that’s a total of 950BHP with a total of 663lb-ft of torque. This will probably be one of the biggest cars ever. However the top speed of it is just over 217MPH, which frankly I find quite disappointing as I thought it would be faster.


The P1 is the long awaited replacement of the McLaren F1 and yet it’s no way near as fast as the old fire-spitting monster. The top speed is only 217MPH. This thanks to a tweaked version of the MP4-12C’s twin turbo V8 putting out 727BHP with an added bonus of 176BHP from an electric motor. (Funny trend with these leccy motors) That’s 903BHP all together with 664lb-ft of torque. That’s just 1 more lb-ft than the Laferrari.


And now finally we have the Lamborghini Veneno this was a big surprise for many at Geneva and came totally unexpected. I think this is probably the most awesome looking car Lambo have ever made. This has a boosted version of the Aventador’s engine, a 6.5 litre V12 bringing 739BHP and that brings a top speed faster than both the P1 and the Laferrari. 220MPH. frankly I think this car is the best looking of the three I’ve mentioned. But with a price tag of €3,000,000 and only 3 being made its very unlikely you’ll ever see one.