Top 5 Fun cars

Cars don’t always have to be practical, they don’t always have to be usable everyday, sometimes a car just has to be fun to win your heart and once a car reaches their its never leaving. Now a fun car doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good car, its character driven, and every persons list will be completely different based on our tastes and experiences. So here is my top 5 list of fun cars.

Aston Vulcan

  1. Track day cars

A track day car does exactly what it says on the tin, a fun car based for the track, be it a base level Caterham 7 or a top of the line Aston Martin Vulcan both are essentially built for the same purpose to but a smile on your face whilst on the track. Most track day cars however are just plain horrible to live with, some don’t even have windscreens or are even illegal to drive on the roads. But that doesn’t stop you wanting one.

Fiat Barchetta

  1. Fiat Barchetta

The Fiat Barchetta is an unusual car as it looks like the classic Italian sports car, and driving it can brighten even the darkest day, you could be driving home from your parents funeral and couldn’t help but smile in a Barchetta, its just a happy little car. But the Barchetta is under powered and front wheel drive making it fall far behind its completion in the Mazda MX5 and Toyota MR2. But neither of those cars have the character of the little Fiat, the Fiats flaws are exactly what makes you love it, it makes it oddly human.


  1. Classic Cars

Classic cars are generally fantastic, they make you yearn fro a time when fuel was cheap and the roads were empty. They maybe weren’t as fast as their modern competitors and were in no way safe but they were fun and some would say prettier than most of the cars on the roads today. But with age comes unreliability, it will happen to us all as you get older you’ll find yourself pulling over much more often because of a leak or an odd smell, I think I’m still talking about the car but I may be wrong.

VW Beetle BAJA

  1. VW Beetle Baja

What could be more fun than Herbie, and off road Herbie. The Beetle is an undeniable legendary car but its less common off road brother is where my heart lies, its capability off road is still limited compared to your much more hardcore off road rivals but those are so much less fun. The Beetle Baja wasn’t built for speed, safety or comfort but wins you over with its amazing characterful go anywhere ability and of course because it’s a Beetle.

VW Golf MK4

  1. Your Car

There could only be on pick for the most fun car to drive, it has to be your own car, because driving is inherently fun and being in your own machine that you’ve spent your own hard earned money on with your music and the road to yourself is truly magical. It doesn’t matter what you drive be it a 1.1 Daihatsu Charade or a Ferrari 488 GTS if you own it, its your magical place of worship to the driving gods, yours place to fulfil your driving passions and desires. It is truly the most fun car ever.

Whats Do you think is the most fun car? Sound off in the comments.

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The Stratford Motor Festival


Stratford Motor Festival 2

Its not often a whole town shuts down to celebrate cars, some towns are unlikely to lend you the use of a field for a car show. Which is why its great when an entire town comes out in support of the love of cars. the Stratford Motor Festival completely shut down the town centre, to allow a parade of cars of all kinds to take over, there was everything, Super, Classic, Muscle, Vintage, Import, Offroad, Motorsports. All areas were covered, and whilst in would normally like to delve deep into each individual car, if I did you wouldn’t see me for the rest of the year, each of the cars were special in there own individual way, except for a rather out of place 2003 Toyota Celica. So what I thought I’d do is give you guys the opportunity to look at the photos and experience them for yourselves so here we go.


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Off-roading, Wheres the fun in that?


So a few months back me and some mates decided to go up to the Lake District for a weekend to do some off-roading. We ended up taking two Land Rover Defenders and a Discovery and we had an awesome time ripping them up and down track and scaring the sheep. But why did we have so much fun. When your off-roading you don’t get any speed up, and you don’t fly round corners with the tail hanging out so wheres the fun come from.


Well first of all there was the laughing at our mates when they got stuck. Then there was the time the Discovery and the Defender got stuck very close together. More than that though the Defender got stuck pulling the Discovery out. So from what I could tell it was like a boys own adventure laughing at each others misfortune (nothing like a friendly bit of schardenfreuder). What was more impressive was the trench we left at the camp site when we eventually got the cars out (it was about 3ft deep) needless to say we probably won’t be going back next year.