It’s not an F-Type, seriously it’s the new Lister Thunder

Britain used to be a titan of the motor industry, we had so many manufacturers it would take me all day to list just half. But sadly over time our British car industry has dwindled to become a shadow of its former self, Jaguar are now owned by Indian company Tata, same with Land Rover, Mini, Triumph, Bentley and Rolls Royce all owned by various German marques. Our car industry is now basically non-existent.

Lister Thunder 2But in our heyday one of the things we were especially known for were sports cars, and now a company from our legendary past is attempting a comeback. Of all the companies to make a return Lister are attempting to rekindle the old magic with the new Lister Thunder. Now what you may be thinking right now is no that’s just a Jaguar F-Type, and you’d be right the Lister Thunder is essentially a Jaguar F-Type that has been reengineered by the all-British team at Lister. While we will have to wait for the full specs at the big reveal in February, Lister have confirmed a low 3.1-second 0-62 time and a ‘devilish 666BHP’ thanks to a 5.0 Litre V8 with a top speed of 208MPH, the fastest production Lister ever.

Lister Thunder 3You may be thinking the Lister Thunder is just a modified F-Type and you’d be right but Lister’s history with the big cat goes back much further than the Thunder. During the 50’s Lister saw success with the now legendary Lister-Jaguar Knobbly sports car (has there ever been a more British name than that) which saw a lot of racing success with racing legend Sir Stirling Moss behind the wheel. A Jaguar V12 powered the incredible Lister Storm which won the FIA World GT championship in 2000.

Lister Thunder 4CEO of the Lister Motor Company Lawrence Whittaker sees Lister as a new tuning company specifically for Jaguar “Like Brabus and AMG with Mercedes and Alpina with BMW, we are hoping to become synonymous once again with tuning Jaguar vehicles, giving customers new enhanced, bespoke performance and design alternatives to Jaguar’s acclaimed model programme.”

Lister Thunder 1The Lister Thunder is getting a new interior finished in Bridge of Weir Nappa leather and also receives a shiny new carbon fibre body kit that Lister is also offering for standard F-Type owners. Only 99 examples of the Lister Thunder will be built with a price tag of £139,950 all built to their owner’s specifications, making each on unique.

Will Lister save the UK car industry, I doubt it but that doesn’t make the Lister Thunder any less of an incredible car, Lister have a phenomenal history in the motoring world both on the track and on the road. The Lister Thunder is just the next example of that classically British talent for Sports cars.

What do you think of the new Lister Thunder, let us know in the comments.

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What to look forward to in 2018

BMW 8 Series 1

So as 2017 draws to a close we start to look forward at what’s to come in 2018 we’ve already seen a lot of what’s on the way thanks to the numerous motor shows and unveilings companies have had over the past 12 months so here my list of the top five cars to look forward to in 2018.

BMW Z4 2018 15. BMW Z4

BMW revealed the long awaited new Z4 convertible at this years Pebble Beach Concourse d’Elegance, it received a lot of praise for its departure from the previous generations folding hardtop roof design and its visual similarities to the also recently revealed BMW 8 Series. The engines haven’t been officially released but are expected to be a 2.0 litre 4 cylinder and a 3.0 litre 6 cylinder, and possibly a 3.5 litre 6 cylinder for the M-Sport version. Sadly we are unlikely to see a Z4M due to low sales of the E85 M version. This is also likely to be the reason why we never saw an M version for the E89 Z4. The new Z4 is also expected to release during the summer months with a price tag of around £35,000.

Mercedes A class4. Mercedes A-Class

Things have been looking up for Mercedes since their revamp a few years back. When they unveiled the newly reworked A-Class as a sporty little hatchback in 2012 Mercedes finally had a hot hatch that could compete with the likes of the BMW 1M and the Ford Focus RS, and Mercedes have revealed a much more radical car to take on the world in 2018. Its much more angular than its predecessor leading many to believe the new A-Class could receive an even faster upgrade than the already mental A45 AMG.

Jaguar I-Pace 73. Jaguar I-Pace

The Jaguar I-Pace was revealed at the start of the year and follows on from Jaguars previous embarks into the SUV market with the F-Pace and E-Pace. The I-Pace will be the first of the Jaguar electric cars to take to the roads in 2018. Looking to take on the Tesla Model X the I-Pace is a high riding sleek cross-over vehicle expected in mid 2018. The I-Pace will be the first car Jaguar launches that uses technology from their recent trip into the world of Formula E. Whilst its unlikely the I-Pace will use much of the motorsports tech the electric motors and systems will be very much similar.

BMW Concept 8 Series2. BMW 8 Series/ M8

Another entry on this list for BMW. BMW’s next flagship GT car the 8 Series makes a welcome return from its 90’s heyday. The new 8 Series and its sister car the M8 are two of the most eagerly awaited cars of 2018. With tough competition in the form of the new Bentley Continental GT and Porsche 911 Turbo the M8 is expected to release with a tuned version of the previously mentioned G30 M5’s 4.4 litre V8 with horsepower numbers expected to stretch past the 600BHP mark. Available in both hardtop and convertible forms the new BMW 8 Series and M8 will be available towards the end of 2018.

Land Rover DC1001. Land Rover Defender

The Long awaited replacement for the Defender has been expected to land in 2018, although its not known if that will be in concept form or a full road going model. The Defender is one of the greatest cars in history and I don’t envy the designers trying to follow up with it. We haven’t seen any concepts for the new Defender since the DC100 from 2011 but both Range Rover and Land Rovers design language has changed significantly since that concept 7 seven years ago. There have been a number of spy shots of a shortened Evoque bodied car that many suspect is a development model for the new Defender but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Oh! and Merry Christmas.

What are you waiting for in 2018, let us know in the comments.

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Jaguar tease the E-Pace

epaceteasermediasitecarouselJaguar have announced the existence of a smaller more compact version of the F-Pace. The E-Pace is a compact SUV similar to its Land Rover brother the Evoque on which it shares a base platform. The E-Pace is expected sometime in early 2018 where it will join the F-Pace and new electric SUV the I-Pace. Ian Callum, Director of Design at Jaguar, said: “The combination of sports car looks with Jaguar performance will ensure that the E-PACE stands out. Every Jaguar is designed to excite the senses, and we think E-PACE will do just that, albeit with its own individual character.”

Jaguar E-PaceThe E-Pace has a projected price of £28,500 and Jaguar is hoping this new compact SUV leads to the same success of the F-Pace’s impressive 83% sales boost, and on a base level it should, a cheaper version of the already popular F-Pace, Jaguar could be onto an even bigger success than the F-Pace. Jaguar also say the AWD system was developed from is sports car divison meaning that a E-Pace R may also be on the cards in the future, but that is pure speculation and maybe a bit of hope on my part. The full reveal of the E-Pace will take place on the 13th of July.

What do you think of the E-Pace sound off in the comments

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The Stratford Motor Festival 2017

The Stratford Motor festival happened over this bank holiday weekend and I was lucky enough to attend the event. The free annual event is widely supported around the Warwickshire county, despite competing with the National Kit Car festival happening the same weekend. The event held in the centre of Statford saw numerous road closures to allow the cars full reign of the town. Unlike a lot of shows there is no barrier for entry, with any cars welcomed with open arms, from vintage fire trucks to classic pink Cadillacs, muscle cars to super cars all are welcome.

There aren’t many shows which you’ll find an antique Rolls Royce sitting next to a vintage tractor, there were many surprises like this on the day. Like the arrival of the Muscle cars with their V8 rumble shaking the ground as they went past. The slow parade around the city centre was the highlight of the festival with everything from Maseratis to Corvette Stingrays joining the party. Jaguar Land Rover had a very strong presence at the show, being based in the midlands and with the Gaydon factory a short drive away they were warmly welcomed by the public, with a Jaguar F-Type and F-pace on show and even the recently unveiled Range Rover Velar in attendance. Even in the publics cars you could see a strong love for the Jaguar mark, with multiple E-type Jags on display a number of MK2s and even a C-type and two D-Types.

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Did you go to the Stratford Motor Festival this year, sound off in the comments.

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The Jaguar I-Pace: A step into the Future for Jaguar

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Jaguar have just revealed its next step into the future, the I-Pace. A five seater car that Jaguar claim can do everything, “It will be the smartest five-seater sports car; a performance car, a family car and an SUV all in one.” This ambitious project is expected to reach production by 2018. The I-Pace is looking to take on Electric car giant Tesla and their Model X, and whilst the Model X is faster the I-Pace has a higher range, a much more important factor in the real world.

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The I-Pace has a power output of roughly 400 BHP and a torque figure of 700Nm matching that of it’s F-Type SVR little brother, and with a range of 310 miles is certainly getting closer to that of a normal car. Its slow progress but progress nonetheless. Although exact figures are yet to be released the 0-62 time for the I-Pace is around 4 seconds. Slower than its Model X competition but still quick for a car in its class. The I-Pace shares its suspension system with that of the XE XF and the F-Pace, all have great handling and feel so the I-Pace definitely has the right underpinning to make it a real drivers car.


Finally the looks, overall I think it looks good, current yet also futuristic, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some problems, the rear for one, it just looks tacked on like the designer finished for the day and they had the intern do the rear for them. Whilst the rest of the car is smooth swooping lines the back is all angles and doesn’t share the rest of the cars good looks. Also that bonnet vent, it looks like the car has a huge dent right across the front, it may actually be functional but if its just for aesthetics I’d rather it had just a flat bonnet. And finally thank you Jaguar for giving the I-Pace a grill, cars just look better with them, the Model X makes a big point of having no grill because it doesn’t need one, but it also has no face, think of Ryan Reynolds in the terrible X-Men Origins film, Tesla give your car a mouth please.


Overall the Model X should be worried, Jaguar are a much better known brand and are on tremendous form at the moment, with the XE and F-Pace performing greatly. The I-Pace is looking to steal the Tesla’s crown as king electric and I think it has the potential to do so, thanks to creative design great looks and not over complicating things, like Telsa have been known to do in the past, Falcon doors anyone?


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Land Rover is stealing the F-Pace


Range Rover Sport Coupe 1

The Jaguar F-Pace is a great car, fast comfortable and filled with the luxury only Jag could provide, that may be about to change though. Land Rover are planning on launching a new X6 rivalling Range Rover Sport Coupe, the car is said to be based off of the F-Pace’s design and could look frighteningly similar if spy shots are to be believed.

RR Sport Coupe

Underneath everything the RR Sport Coupe and the F-Pace will be the same, expect just a rebadged F-Pace if anything. The Sport Coupe is designed to sit in between the RR Sport and the Evoque with prices to match, although Autocar suggest that the RR Sport Coupe may have an electric option using the jaguar developed I-Pace EV system, but a hybrid powertrain is also expected along with the normal engines.

RR Sport Coupe 2

Whatever the RR Sport Coupe turns out to be it will most definitely another Chelsea tractor that will never turn a wheel off road in its life, similar to the F-Pace, these kinds of vehicles are just used to prove your status, with none of them actually being used for what their meant for. And unfortunately it looks like the new Defender is set to join this family of expensive luxury based on road giants.

(Photos courtesy of AutoCar)

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Jaguar set for a motorsport return


Jaguar Formula E

Jaguar are about to return to the racetrack, with a new team in the Formula E race series. Jaguar is planning on developing their own electric road cars whilst racing, with many expecting the first reveal as early as the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Jaguar has had a rather rocky relationship with motorsport in the past, with the highs of the mid 1950’s at Le Mans to incredible lows of their Formula 1 outing.

Jaguar Formula E 2

Jaguar join a very competitive field with Audi, Renault and Mahindra all competing in the series. Jaguar are yet to announce their drivers but have appointed James Barclay as team director “We are proud to be one of the first vehicle manufacturers to commit to a series with our own team. We look forward to welcoming a whole new generation of Jaguar fans.” Jaguar’s new electric drivetrain is expected to be fitted to many of its cars including the XE, XF, XJ and the F-Pace. Although it’s unlikely to be fitted to the F-Type so don’t expect a new electric sports car.

Jaguar F1 Car

Jaguar’s first electric car is thought to be an electric crossover vehicle and is expected to try and take on Tesla’s own Model X. There are also rumours that the car will cost around £60,000 and will have a range of 300 miles, beating Tesla’s current record of 270 miles. Jaguar’s first outing into motorsport since the really rather tragic attempt at Formula 1 will have the worlds eyes on it, and with a growing series like Formula E it could spell a great new beginning for the company’s sporting triumphs it may take a few years to see it but the futures looking bright for Jaguar.

New cars spotted at the Nurburgring

Jag F pace

(Photos courtesy of Autocar)

Two new cars have been spotted at the Nurburgring this week an its not what you think, not the usual lightweight sports cars or all out track monster. Two 4×4 cross over type vehicles, why I don’t know. But Jaguar and Mini have been testing at the famous ring of death.

Jag F pace 2

Jaguar have been testing their new F-Pace cross over ahead of its reveal at the Frankfurt motor show, first of all I have to say I really don’t like the look of the F pace, its kind of like the Cayenne in that it looks like a vertically stretched sports car, ie: ugly. The F-Pace has been seen with a 3.0 litre Jag V6 but in the future we may see r version with the usual 5.0 litre V8 we have come to expect from the Jaguar sports division. The F-Pace is expected to have a price tag of between £35,000 and £50,000 and go up against the likes of the Porsche Macan and the BMW X4 in 2016.

Mini Countryman

Mini however were for some reason testing their new version of the Countryman around the ring. The 2016 Countryman appears to be a much lower riding car than the previous model, it almost appear to be a cross between the Countryman and the Clubman we saw at the Geneva motor show this year despite its larger dimensions than the previous Countryman, don’t worry its still ugly but what large cross over isn’t these days.

Finally why are they testing these at the Nurburgring, I understand testing them on the road but how many mothers on the way back from picking the kids up from school are going to head straight for the race track. These cars may be able to tackle the ring but why, just why?

The New Jaguar XE

jag xe

Now I’m not going to speak about the horribly awkward launch show for the new Jaguar XE (it looked like a bad version of 80’s Dr Who) I’m just going to speak about the car itself. The XE S gets the engine from the F-Type S a lovely 3.0 litre supercharged V6 which I think is the one to go for obviously there will be the lower spec 2.0 petrol and diesel engines. But with the 3.0 litre you get a 0-60 time of 4.9 seconds and a top speed of 155 MPH which is easily enough to match any of its German competitors.

 Jag Xe 3

In the coming years it’s quite likely that we’ll get an XE R version with a bigger engine (probably the larger V8 from the F-Type R) and we’ll probably get an estate version soon enough. Now I must admit where I live I’m quite close to the Jaguar Land Rover plant and quite often I’ll see camo’d up versions of cars coming in the future. The XE I saw early last year along with the F-Type coupe.

 jag xe 2

The car weighs in at just under 1500kg and rumours state the diesel will manage 75MPG and you can get your hands on a Jaguar XE for £27,000 so overall the XE is going straight after your BMW 3 series and Mercedes C class along with the Audi S4.

The Return of the Shooting Brake


It’s been around twenty years since we’ve seen a successful shooting break. The idea of a good-looking two door car is every mans dream and the fact you can fit a family along with there luggage in these cars is very helpful. The last successful shooting brake was the Reliant Scimitar, “Princess Anne had one of those you know”.


But recently we’ve seen a rise in rumours of a new breed of shooting brake, the Ferrari FF started everything off personally I am a massive fan of the FF. A V12 Ferrari that you can take the kids in is awesome, many people don’t like the FF because its not a ‘real Ferrari’ these people are idiots if car companies are going to be successful they need to evolve.


After the FF was released Aston Martin showed off a shooting brake of the new Rapide sadly it was just a rendering and won’t be put into production this is a problem with most of the shooting brakes, a lot of shooting brakes are merely custom cars such as the Rinspeed 911 (technically a pickup) this was the case with the recent Jaguar F-type shooting brake merely a rendering from a custom car builder.


I think in the next ten years we will see more and more shooting brakes as every one of the shooting brakes I’ve mentioned have received massive interest from car fans and potential buyers, which could encourage manufacturers to finally bring back the shooting brake.