The Grand Tour is Back on 8/12/17

The Grand Tour just revealed the release date for the next series of the Amazon Prime show. Coming out on the 8th of December the release date was accompanied by a new trailer for the show, giving us a glimpse of what we can expect to come into the new year.

Top Gear 1The Grand Tour has had a much better run than Top Gear has since the ‘fracas’ Top Gear has had two series since the trios departure and is only just finding its legs. The Grand Tour disappointed some with its debut series but has had a lot more time to rejigger the show into something the fans want to see. The new trailer shows us that the trio seem to be going strong with the cheap car challenges the public loved when they were on Top Gear. Clarkson Hammond and May appear to be taking three Jaguars down a ski slope with terror from all three being the result. We also see them go to Africa in what appears to be May in a Mercedes estate, Clarkson in a Nissan SUV and Hammond on a motorbike.

Top Gear Bugatti ChironWhat troubles me is that we also see a lot of stuff that we’ve seen before, ie: a Bugatti Chiron review from Clarkson (we saw Chris Harris review it on Top Gear) and a review of the Arial Nomad (which we also saw on Top Gear). The trailer also shows them driving an amphibious car, which, they’ve done before themselves, and the new Top Gear has done it as well. From what I can tell the schedule for the show means that when they review a car its often months if not years after someone else has beaten them to it.

Rimac Concept oneWe also get a view of the trio testing the Honda NSX, Lamborghini Aventador and the Rimac Concept One. We don’t see any of Hammond’s crash in the Rimac but its unlikely that they will try to avoid it as with Hammonds much more serious Jet car crash they went through it in extreme detail. Well just over a month to go to see whats what, see you on the 8th of December with a review of the first episode.

What do you think of the new Grand Tour trailer, let us know in the commets.

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The Grand Tour Trailer is out!

The trailer for the second series of the Grand Tour has been released and of course it’s the usual spectacle of high-speed hijinks, explosions and fast cars. The trio of ex Top Gear presenters have had a much better run of luck than the new Top Gear presenters, but it is yet to be seen if The Grand Tour will be as bigger success as their run with the BBC. The first series of the Grand Tour had some chips in the paintwork but was overall an enjoyable entertaining show.

Top Gear 1

If The Grand Tour can change a few things (personally I hope Celebrity Brain Crash burns in hell for eternity) they can either recover this skid from the ditch it’s heading for or turn it into a magnificent drift in their case. The trailer sees a number of fantastic cars, such as the new McLaren 720S, the Bugatti Chiron, a Lancia 037 and even the worlds fastest tank called the Ripsaw, which even featured in the recent Fast and Furious movie.

Rimac Concept one

Then of course we saw a bit that we’ve all been waiting for, the Rimac. The 1000BHP electric super car that tried to kill our favourite Hamster. Whilst the crash was terrifying to hear about, I am hoping that the Grand Tour film crew managed to get good footage of it, as the shaky phone camera footage doesn’t really show what happen after he went off the road.

Overall I’m excited for the new series. What do you think of the new trailer? Sound off in the comments.

See my review of the first series of the Grand Tour here at Motor Verso.

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The Daily Mirror has Killed Top Gear


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week you will probably have heard about the Jeremy Clarkson n-word scandal. But if you haven’t here it is briefly. Jeremy Clarkson was heard to mumble the n-word during an outtake for Top Gear whilst singing the classic eenie meenie minie mo choice rhyme. Clarkson has since apologised on twitter with a video. But the BBC has called Jeremy in for a meeting and said that if he offends one more person he will be fired.

Top Gear is successful and the most watched show on the planet for one reason, the relationship between the presenters. With Clarkson under this incredibly short leash he can’t be himself he has always been the close to the line character he is now and removing that by shackling him will destroy the entertainment value of the show. Clarkson could ignore the BBC anyway and be himself but always someone somewhere will be offended by something said on Top Gear. This means that he will be sacked probably by the end of the next series. And without Jeremy Top Gear is done. I also don’t think Richard or James will continue without him. Both in being a friend to Jeremy and not ruining the show.


So congratulations Piers Morgan you’ve finally won you’ve killed the most successful show ever all in a petty feud with Jeremy.

Dave has killed Top Gear


The UK TV channel Dave has killed Top Gear many people complain about Top Gear being horribly stale and boring. They never had this problem many years ago, but since the inception of Dave they have just been showing repeats of Top Gear. This reminds people of the old top gear when it was more about cars.


If Top Gear wants to return to form it needs to stop being repeated on Dave. This will stop reminding people of old Top Gear and excite people when a new series of Top Gear comes on the TV. Just like the good old days. Yes I am aware it is quite easy to find top gear online but that is done by choice. Dave throws it in your face all day, and because daytime TV is crap it’s the only thing to watch.


Personally I think Top Gear has run its course now anyway after 22 series they have reached the limit of what they can do. Truck driving done, van driving done, super car drive across the world done, they only have space to cover now… oh no they’ve done that as well. When they start repeating themselves you now they’ve run out of ideas (amphibious cars).


Top Gear has to end, as they can’t get new presenters because they will always be in the shadow of Jeremy, Richard and James. People may complain about the foreign versions of Top Gear such as USA and Australia but personally I enjoy them they are fresh and new but still the same as Top Gear UK. They never will reach the hype of Top Gear UK as its not Jeremy Richard and James presenting.

Top Gear Series 20 is OVER


So Series 20 of Top Gear has finished, and frankly that’s annoying because it felt like they’d just got into their stride. This is the problem with the 6 show series Top Gear does. When the first show starts it not the best and by the end of the series they’ve managed to put together a brilliant show, but then it finishes.


Top Gear has always been a mixture of great car tests, races and cheap car challenges, then they have the stupid stunts (Hover Van, Peel P45, Caravan Holiday) personally I have gone off the stupid stunts, everyone knows they’re faked and they’re starting to get annoying.


This time the guests for the Star in the Reasonably Priced Car were very very good even though some of them were just there to plug things such as Hugh Jackman with The Wolverine. Most of the guests seemed liked they actually wanted to be there, especially the last guest Mark Webber. Who seemed especially keen to beat a certain Future ex teammate. It also seemed clear that hes not Sebastian Vettel’s biggest fan, I share his view.

Top Gear is Back!


Yes the legend that is Top Gear is back for a nineteenth series. Personally I think this episode was on the upper side of average. WARNING SPOILERS! In this episode we see James co-drive whilst Kris Meeke throws a Bentley Continental GT Speed around a rally stage. We also see Hammond drive the Pagani Heuuurur sorry, Huayra on the track. And finally we see Jeremy being Jeremy in a car supposedly smaller than the Peel P50 although to it looked a whole lot bigger.


Personally my favourite piece of the show was the GT Speed. Kris Meeke you may remember beat Amy Williams at Lillehammer in a Mini rally car. His driving hasn’t got any worse, his driving on the rally stage was simply incredible along with the facial expressions of Mr. May, especially considering he couldn’t se the handbrake.  I’ve never really liked the Continental GT it seems just too big and cumbersome, and then there’s the footballer factor.


The Huayra, I’ve also never liked, I always preferred the Zonda. The Huayra always looks giant to me and it may be incredibly fast, and it really blitzed the track but I think the Zonda is better looking and just nicer in every way. The Zonda was always the first to be absolutely bonkers and the Huayra just isn’t as bonkers as it should be.


Jeremy’s Peel P50 or P45 as he calls it looked giant compared to the P50 it may be just taller but the whole idea was for it to be Smaller than the P50. I think Jeremy’s original P50 film where he drove round the BBC building was much better. However Jeremy must have huge kahunas to drive the P45 on the dual carriageway as although it was planned the cars were still travelling upwards of 70 MPH.