The 25th anniversary of the convertible Mini

Mini Convertible anniversary 1Just 300 anniversary edition Mini convertibles will be built to celebrate 25 years since the first ever convertible Mini (then run by Rover) but what’s so special about this anniversary edition, Mini have after all been building Mini convertibles ever since that first car rolled off the production line. Well on the surface not much has changed over the standard car. All 300 cars will be painted Starlight Blue with contrasting white bonnet stripes. The list of standard items is basically the standard Minis ‘chilli’ pack, which comes with a full Harman Kardon sound system, and a top spec sat nav. The roof of the Mini convertible anniversary car does come with the Union Jack printed into the canvas but this is also available on the standard car.

Mini Convertible anniversary 3So what is the difference between this and the standard car, pretty much nothing the only difference I could find was the Mini Convertible comes with some nice grey leather seats that aren’t available on the other cars. It’s just another excuse for Mini to sell you a more expensive car, and this car is nearly £10,000 more expensive than the standard Mini Convertible, which I think you’ll agree is absolutely ridiculous for a car that is not unique in any noticeable way. This limited edition car is just another badge special, a car BMW have stuck a badge on that means they can charge more and more money for. It is absolutely ridiculous.

Mini Convertible anniversary 2This is a dangerous trend that is growing exponentially as the years go on. Companies are conning customers into spending more for a limited edition car that is in fact available already straight off the production line. I know this will fall on deaf ears and all 300 Mini anniversary convertibles will walk out of the showroom in seconds but do not support this. Soon enough we will all have a badge on our cars that says limited edition and yet all the cars will look sound and drive exactly the same.

What do you think of Mini’s latest badge special car the Anniversary Convertible, let us know in the comments.
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The Range Rover Velar: Filling the gap in the market


Range Rovers are awesome, it’s just a fact. They are as brilliant on road as they are off road, they are the car to buy for the rich and famous. So it would make sense for Range Rover to flood the market with as many versions as they can think of, and they have. Whilst the Evoque isn’t to everyones taste it can certainly handle a lot more than any other small SUV on the market, and its lineage gives its buyers the confidence that it’s all the car they will ever need. Now its time to supersize it and we get the Range Rover Sport a much larger and faster off roader that took the market by storm in 2006, every footballer and their wife had to have one. And finally we get to the big daddy, the Range Rover, second to none in the off road market the Range Rover is the king of luxury and class everyone from Tom Cruise to the Queen has to have one.


So comes the newest addition to the Range Rover collection, the Velar, named after the very first concept for the original Range Rover from 1969 the Velar sits between the Range Rover Sport and the Evoque, acting as a stepping stone between the two, not as large or powerful as the Sport but bigger and more luxurious than the Evoque. Gerry McGovern Land Rover Chief design officer says: “We call the Velar the avant garde Range Rover. It brings a new dimension of glamour, modernity and elegance to the brand. The Range Rover Velar changes everything.” Whilst he may be overstating it a bit the Velar certainly is a new beginning for the Range Rover brand, which has been lost in a sea of Q7s, Cayennes and X5s for a while now. The Velar sees a change in the game for Range Rover and the larger Land Rover brand itself, they appear to be focusing on building great cars again rather than mimicking other companies ideas. Whilst the Velar may not be the top of the totem pole, its certainly a sign of things to come.

What do you think of the new Range Rover Velar, sound off in the comments.

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Ferrari to reveal a new FF at Villa d’Este

Ferrari FF 2

Ferrari are set to debut a new version of the FF at the Villa d’Este concourse event in February. The highly exclusive event is to take place around the beautiful Lake Como in Italy. Last year we saw BMW reveal the hideous M4 CSL so hopefully it’ll be better than that.

Ferrari FF

The Ferrari FF never really took the motoring world by storm despite it being a car I rather liked. the FF featured Ferrari’s first 4 wheel drive system along with it being Ferrari’s first hatchback vehicle. Ferrari aimed at taking on the likes of Range Rover for the first time as a luxury skiing vehicle designed to travel up the alps at high speed in absolute luxery, spoilers it didn’t. the original FF was always to twitchy thanks in part to its 4 wheel drive system which switched off once in fifth gear. The twitchiness also wasn’t helped by the 6.3 litre V12 and 651BHP, far too much for a vehicle designed to take on snowy mountain roads.

Ferrari FF Snow

Recent spy shots of winter testing show slight changes to the exterior with a larger grill helping more air get to the V12 slight changes were made to the lights but, Id expect the 4 wheel drive system to stay the same. Rumours also suggest a power increase from the V12 possibly pumping it up to 670 or even 680BHP. Despite the update I’d still expect the uber rich to stick with their Range Rovers and Porsche Cayennes. The Ferrari FF is to much of a combination car, being a mixture of Super car and usable every day car is very hard to pull off and unless massive changes are made before the unveil the FF will fall flat on its beautifully sculpted face.

The Range Rover Evoque Convertible, Much Better Than I Thought

I’ll be honest when I heard Range Rover were going to build a convertible version of their Evoque, I thought that’s a stupid idea no ones going to take a convertible off road. Then I thought about it for a bit, no ones going to take an Evoque off road either convertible or hard top. Once I had gotten over this problem I managed to see that the Evoque is actually quite a good idea.

RR Evoque Convertible

When the Evoque launched, it had a special Victoria Beckham option, this is exactly the market the Evoque is aimed at, not the off road nutters that Land Rovers are usually aimed at, the most off road an Evoque will ever go is driving off a muddy polo field. The Evoque is for the WAGS of this world and the rich young Chelsea socialites. This is why a convertible version is perfect, it allows them to be just that little more showy offy, that’s why they like the Bentley Continental so much it just has a presence to it that oozes money.

RR Evoque Convertible 2

The new Evoque convertible will only be available in the higher specs of the Evoque range, the Dynamic and the Dynamic HSE trim levels, powered by the 178bhp TD4 diesel engine or the slightly more powerful 237bhp turbocharged Si4 petrol engine. As with all convertibles the Evoque is heavier than its hard top counterpart with an extra 270KG of bracing added in. the Evoque goes on sale next spring starting at £47,500.