Yet another classic reimagining?

Electric Mini 10BMW haven’t had a problem shifting the new Mini, every year there seems to be a new model slightly bigger, slightly faster or slightly more efficient than the last. But in 2019 BMW are taking a gamble with the Mini, they are producing a fully electric Mini that BMW hopes will one day become their main Mini car. To get people excited about the idea of an electric Mini BMW may have made a mistake though. BMW have produced a one off electric classic Mini. Why is this a mistake you ask, well if they are capable of making one electric classic Mini whats stopping them from reproducing the original Mini that has been such a success since the 60’s. If someone had to choose between the modern Mini and the original there would be a lot of new Minis left over.

Electric Mini 1The electric Mini was specifically built for the New York International Auto show as promotional material for Minis electric future. The Mini on the surface resembles the very same Mini on which its based with its classic red paint complemented by the white roof and iconic bonnet stripe. On closer inspection though the original Mini badge has been replaced with a classically styled version of the new Mini electric emblem seen on both the bonnet and wheel hubs. BMW are saying: “The spontaneous power of its electric motor provides a new dimension to the unmistakable go-kart feeling”. Shame nobody will ever get to feel that ‘new dimension’ as they aren’t making any more.

Electric Mini 5Why is it that when nobody cares about a classic car, the company seems to be determined to bring it back, cars such as the Jeep Wagoneer Roadtrip that I talked about last week. But when there is a clear want for a modern version of a classic the company refuses such as this Mini. BMW make us a new Mini! (well not a new Mini just the old one again). I guess we’ll just have to pick up an original classic or buy an incredibly over priced Mini Remastered from DB automotive.

Classic Mini Electric Gallery

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Tesla unveil the planned 2020 Roadster

Tesla Roadster 2Wow you take a weeks break and the whole car world goes insane. Tesla announced during a press conference for the reveal of their new truck that there would be a new Tesla Roadster in 2020. Whilst that’s a long way off Elon Musk was able to give us some stats for the new electric sports/ super car. 0-60 in 1.9 seconds and a top speed in excess of 250MPH. Not only that but Musk also announced that the new Tesla Roadster would have a range of 620 miles, better than any other electric car on the market today.

Tesla Roadster 3Now I’m not going to be the one to call Musk a liar but all of this does seem a bit farfetched. Especially as Tesla has been losing money year after year, the Model 3 production schedule is a mess and Musk has already talked of the existence of numerous new models coming in the next few years, we have the Model Y (a 4×4 SUV based on the Model 3) a truck, a minibus and a pickup. And that’s not including the Tesla Gigafactory, which is still being built (it started in 2014). The Gigafactory is supposedly meant to be up and running next year.

Tesla Roadster 1The new Roadster (if it ever happens) will go on sale at a price of £188,000, but Musk plans on taking preorders of £38,000 in the near future. The Roadsters fictional stats are faster than any Bugatti, but we’ve heard this from companies before. They announce the stats before even seeing if it’s possible. Tesla are at the forefront of the electric revolution, they need to be careful if they want to pull this off. The number of stories of problems with Tesla seems to be increasing and the industry is waiting for Tesla to make a mistake and to destroy the electric future.

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Mini take inspiration from the 1275 GT in the 1499GT

Mini 1499 GT 9Mini have shown off the newest addition to the range, the 1499 GT. The new model is designed to celebrate the 1275 GT model from the original range. The new 1499 GT uses a turbocharged 1.5 litre 3 cylinder engine producing 101BHP, the same engine as the rest of the base Mini range. The 1499 GT 0-62 time is the same as the rest of the base level Minis, 10.1 seconds.

Mini 1499 GT 4So what’s different about the new Mini then, well the new 1499 GT is only available in two colours, white or black. The Black model features exclusive decals in gold, whilst the white version gets the same decals in black. The Mini 1499 GT also gets the front and rear bumpers and the spoiler from the top end JCW Mini. The key part of the Mini 1499GT is the JCW Mini suspension it gets. Making this Mini more than just a visual upgrade.

Mini 1499 GT 7The Mini 1499 GT is on sale now for £16,990 and Mini are expecting the 1499 examples to sell out quickly. But is it worth it? Not really the handling of the standard Mini is exceptional, is the JCW better yes but it’s not life changing. The 1499 GT is designed to celebrate the 1275 GT, my personal favourite Mini. What was special about the 1275 GT was the bigger engine than the standard 998CC. To keep the base model engine in this supposedly special edition gives the view that this is just an on paper upgrade and has no real significant value to the Mini brand. Nothing is new on the 1499 GT its just a new combination from existing Mini parts.

What do you think of the Mini 1499GT, let us know in the comments.

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The Mini Clubman gets the JCW Treatment



The Mini Clubman is now more powerful and sportier than ever. the Mini Clubman has been given a going over by the John Cooper works team, to create a car that BMW say: “Offers all the style, practicality and fresh-thinking of the Clubman, combined with the high performance and sporting dynamics of the John Cooper Works range.” The New JCW Clubman boasts an impressive 231BHP from the new 2-litre turbocharged engine, 39 more than the standard Cooper S. The larger intercooler on the JCW gives the added bonus of 350nm of torque.


However all the sporty new upgrades don’t mean Mini have forgotten about the emissions. The JCW Clubman reaches a respectable 38.2MPG with CO2 output of 168g/km however if the optional 8-speed sports steptronic gearbox is fitted the Mini gets boosted to 41.5MPG and only 154g/km certainly a worthy option. The new Clubman JCW also features a unique four wheel drive system allowing the car to reach peak performance in all road conditions. The system along with the aid of launch control allows the Clubman JCW to get to 62MPH in 6.3 seconds.


The Clubman JCW sees all the suspension upgrades you expect to see on a quick Mini, variable suspension options with Sport, Mid and Green. Sport mode also increases the sensitivity of the throttle pedal along with providing a louder engine sound through the vehicle acoustics. Brakes have been upgraded as well with the Clubman JCW seeing 4 piston calipers from brake specialists Brembo.


As you’d expect the upgrades aren’t just underneath the body, the exterior has received the sporting treatment with the addition of complete new front face with intakes in the place of the standard Clubman’s fog lights directing cool air to the cars brakes. Unique sills roof spoiler and rear apron have been added to reduce aerodynamic lift. And of course not forgetting the smattering of JCW badges across the whole car, on the sills the front wing indicators and the front grill.

Tesla are going crazy with new models


Tesla Model S

Tesla the worlds most prominent electric car manufacturer seem to have gone crazy in the design department, with CEO Elon Musk confirming the existence of a minibus and an SUV based off of the Model X and Model 3 platform. After some prying by a number of twitter users, Musk also confirmed the consideration of a pickup truck and van models in the future. The new minibus is to be built from the Model X platform and could be revealed as early as next year.

Tesla Model X

The SUV built from the Model 3 platform and is called the Model Y Musk has confirmed that the Model Y will be a compact SUV similar to the likes of the Nissan Juke and Volkswagen Tiguan. Whilst this is still very early days for the two projects it is certain the new models will maintain the insane and ludicrous modes of the previous Model S, X and 3. Whilst this is going on Musk is still having to defend Tesla’s self driving mode after a number of fatalities involving the Autopilot system with Musk often claiming that it was the drivers fault in the crash and not the Tesla system.

Tesla Model X 2

Tesla are still at the forefront of driverless technology and electric car design, but have yet to have a profitable year, it seems Tesla may be selling cars for under £30,000 but they are certainly making them for much much more. A lot of their losses have come from the investment in the super charger network and of course the Giga factory in Nevada. Tesla are unlikely to go away any time soon, and expect to see the new models on the road as early as late 2017.

Tesla Face Another Recall

Tesla Model X

Tesla has been forced to recall another car again. First of all they had to recall the Model S due to problems with the seat belt mountings, but now they have had to recall the Model X due to an issue with the rear seats. The problem with the seats appears to be that they fold forwards in an accident therefore crushing the passengers. Tesla issued a statement saying: “The recliner, which is provided to us by an outside supplier, is the locking hinge that allows the third row seat back to fold forward, and if a recliner were to slip during a crash, the seat back could move forward.”

Tesla Model X 2

There have been no reports of this happening on the roads, only through controlled testing by Tesla. The issue is said to affect only 2600 Model X’s built before March 26th. Model X owners should expect to be contacted by Tesla with how to proceed.

Tesla Model S

This issue comes after Tesla were forced to recall over 90,000 Model S’ after it was found that the seat belt mounting was faulty in November last year. it also comes after the massive success of the Model 3 with over 325,000 orders coming in for the BMW 3 series rival.