P1 vs LaFerrari vs 918

Who will win this will be the biggest fight of this generation, like the Thriller in Manila but for cars. They all have had millions put into their development and all are competing for the title of King Hyper car but which is best here’s my verdict:


The Ferrari is easily the most glamorous with its bright Rosso red paint job it can’t be missed but it isn’t a drivers car its one of those cars like the F50 and the Enzo its so epic to look at and to drive feels epic but your always worried you’ll damage it so its kept in a garage with a cover over it never to turn a wheel again. It has the super star quality but its so fragile it’s kept hidden away.


The Porsche 918 however is the complete opposite. This car is so high-tech it could destroy the universe and rebuild it in under a week beating Gods record. But it doesn’t look quite as good as the other two in its dark grey paint job its subtle and understated. A hyper car needs to be flamboyant and out there and absolutely mental but this car isn’t you just cant imagine it in an exciting way just try and imagine a bright Lambo green one you can’t can you. I don’t want to say its boring, because its not in any sense of the word but its not got that special something that gets me going.


The McLaren P1 on the other hand is a mixture of the two it has the amazing looks of the Ferrari and the brains of the Porsche but it doesn’t go to far either way. The P1 is amazing to drive but has the feel that you could drive it everyday using clean and friendly electric power. I feel the P1 does hark back to the good old McLaren F1 it’s a massive step forward in motoring engineering just like the F1 was back in the day. The P1 is truly the best of the three and I think its fastest aswell.

Millionaire Boy Racers

I few weeks ago I wrote about rich people and their cars. I was talking about them never using their cars to their full potential. This was because of speed limits and road laws. I added that they should drive their cars on a track and push their cars to their maximum. Now, channel 4 produced a documentary about Arab ‘playboys’ coming over here during the summer months in their supercars and making a racket, called millionaire boy racers. It’s quite a good documentary showing both sides of the coin, the views of the residents and the drivers themselves.

Personally I am going to sit on the fence for this one as I agree with parts of each side’s arguments. I agree with the residents that it is a bit excessive revving your engine at 1 o’clock in the morning waking everybody up, however I’m also on the ‘playboys’ side as well, these people don’t drink because of there religion and work hard for their cars and money and should be allowed to come and let their hair down a bit. But the residents even admit in the documentary that none of them have actually asked the Arabs to keep it down at night and I’m sorry to say come off as being a bit racist, but the Arabs are shown in the film committing numerous acts of dangerous driving and speeding in general both in the gulf and the UK.

When I wrote my post that drivers should push the cars I meant on the track and only on the track I do not condone any sort of dangerous driving on the roads you want to drive like a nutcase do it on a track when you can only hurt yourself and your ego.

Rich people and their cars

458 Italia

Now rich people are usually the only people with the spare cash to buy a super car. However, supercars work well on a poster and they work well on a track in daily life however just don’t even bother. They don’t have any boot space and you can’t see where you’ve been. This is common knowledge though. Rich people buy these cars to show off at how rich they are. These cars are massively fast going 0 to 60 in sub 4 seconds, the problem with rich people though is they’ll never drive them that fast.


They wont drive them that fast A. because they don’t want to break it, and B. because there’s nowhere to do it. Most super cars are built to go fast round a track, but no driver of an Aventador, 458 Italia or MP4-12C will ever take it to a track which is sad its like Gordon Ramsey working in McDonalds.

Bugatti Veyron SS

The Bugatti Veyron SS has a top speed of 268MPH and costs over £1 million so only very rich people could own one and nobody would ever know there car is the fastest car in the world. The problems of supercars is rich people buy them as collectors items, they buy Ferrari’s to put under covers in their garages hiding them away from the public so no one can hurt it. Supercars should be driven fast and every day. No child will ever have the thrill of seeing a bright red Ferrari or lime green Lambo pull up beside them, rev the gorgeous V12 engine and scream away, and that to me is quite sad.