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Top Gear

Now I haven’t talked much about the new Top Gear here as I’ve done a round up of each episode on Motor Verso (see links below) but I’ve decided to leave a whole round up piece here for your reading pleasure. First of all id just like to say I think it’s a good thing Chris Evans has decided to step down from Top Gear, as I don’t think he was popular any where at any point during the series, whether it was pressure from the BBC big bosses or his own decision, I think it was the right one. Nothing against Chris himself, in the right setting I find him quite an entertaining guy, but he wasn’t the right man for the job, he had little to no chemistry with any of his co presenters, and it felt at time like the Chris Evans show, with other characters thrown in for good measure.

Mini Cooper Rallycross

Another bad point for this reinvention of the show is the Star in a reasonably priced ‘Rallycross’ car segment. Having the guests introduce each other was incredibly awkward, and if you read my wrap up was increasingly infuriating as the series went on. Old Top Gear would generally only have the one guest, this gave more time to actually interviewing them, the only time they had pairs of guests on was when they were both ‘plugging’ the same show/ film so they had experience around one another, which meant good chemistry between them and Jeremy. On new Top Gear having two guests on who have nothing to do with one another left Chris struggling to pull of two interviews at the same time, it really didn’t work.

Sabine Schmitz

Finally on to the good points of the new show. First of all I’d like to mention the new upgrades to the track, with the off road sections, jump and water splash. Whilst the interview segments were frankly horrible, the new upgrades to the track gave the star in a rallycross car segment a refreshing new twist. The old segment had gotten stale and with them changing the car what felt like every couple of series, I feel if the segment is continued in the next series it could be a great part of the show. Also I think 4 out of the 6 presenters are excellent, if a little under utilized this series. Sabine was barely in this series, appearing only when The Stig wasn’t available.

New Top gear Chris Harris

The two presenters I wouldn’t bring back are the already gone Chris Evans of course, but also Eddie Jordan. Whilst he didn’t appear much in the series, when he did he was awkward and not really very funny, playing the spoons on a luxury train to Venice, damaging a Mercedes whilst driving off road, both these occasions weren’t funny or exciting, and he really didn’t bring anything to the show. The stars of the show however have been Chris Harris and Rory Reid. Of course if you’ve ever searched for cars on the internet, you’ll be aware of Chris Harris, he is arguably one of the best motoring journalists on the planet right now, and its great he’s finally getting the wider audience he deserves. Rory Reid, I wasn’t aware of prior to the show, and hadn’t had much experience with him but he’s a really great addition to the show, and one that could out shine the others given the chance. All of this despite the fact he’s been held back with ‘real world’ car reviews, cars that the common man might actually get a chance to buy.

Matt LeBlanc

Finally I want to talk about Matt LeBlanc, who is likely to be replacing Chris Evans as the lead presenter, whilst I was nervous about him coming in, being an actor rather than a journalist, I think he has shown that he has the ability to become quite enjoyable to watch, and he showed this in the first episode whilst driving the Arial Nomad. I do hope he stops playing the confused American which will almost certainly grow tiresome in a very short time, an I also hope he doesn’t revert back to his Joey character from friends which it felt he was starting to in his 911R feature in the last episode. Overall I think the first series of the new team was very hit and miss, some things were great, others not so much. Its difficult to say if the next series will be better, because the lead presenter has just left the show, meaning the whole thing could go into disarray, but I think there is a future for the new Top Gear and I think that futures bright.


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Top Gear Series 20 is OVER


So Series 20 of Top Gear has finished, and frankly that’s annoying because it felt like they’d just got into their stride. This is the problem with the 6 show series Top Gear does. When the first show starts it not the best and by the end of the series they’ve managed to put together a brilliant show, but then it finishes.


Top Gear has always been a mixture of great car tests, races and cheap car challenges, then they have the stupid stunts (Hover Van, Peel P45, Caravan Holiday) personally I have gone off the stupid stunts, everyone knows they’re faked and they’re starting to get annoying.


This time the guests for the Star in the Reasonably Priced Car were very very good even though some of them were just there to plug things such as Hugh Jackman with The Wolverine. Most of the guests seemed liked they actually wanted to be there, especially the last guest Mark Webber. Who seemed especially keen to beat a certain Future ex teammate. It also seemed clear that hes not Sebastian Vettel’s biggest fan, I share his view.

Top Gear is Back


Yes Top Gear has returned for its 20th series, and may I say this series has started with a bang. It began with Richard Hammond testing three hot hatches, the Peugeot 208GTI, the Renault Sport Clio and the Ford Fiesta ST. Now if you’ve been here before you’ll know I’m a massive fan of fast Fords and it seems Top Gear are as well as they think although it wasn’t the fastest of the three setting a time of 1:32.7 they still believe that it will be future classic and personally I agree.


The second segment of the show was a race between James May in a catamaran (boat for non-nautical people) which was captained by Olympic champion Sir Ben Ainsley and Jeremy in the fastest car in the world, no not the Bugatti Veyron SS but a Toyota corolla 1.8. No that’s not a joke the thing is, it’s a hire car meaning you can do whatever the hell you want with it and as can be seen Jeremy does.


The third section in the show was the reveal of their brand new Reasonably Priced Car and surprisingly not some boring Asian heap of junk like all previous RPC’s. This time it’s a Vauxhall Astra with a lifetime warranty the guests they had come to their BBQ was: Brian Johnson of ACDC, Charles Dance of Game of thrones, actor Warwick Davis (which they had fun with him not being able to reach the pedals), singer Joss Stone, comedian Jimmy Carr, heavy-weight boxer David Haye, Rachel Riley of Countdown and The Gadget show fame and Mike Rutherford from the band Genesis. Quite a good list I think you’ll agree with Brian Johnson leading the new board and Mike Rutherford at the bottom.

Overall I think this episode was brilliant, Top Gear hasn’t been that amazing for a while but this episode was brilliant I haven’t laughed all the way through an episode for quite a while and this episode brought it back with a bang and I’m so happy it has.

Top Gear is Back!


Yes the legend that is Top Gear is back for a nineteenth series. Personally I think this episode was on the upper side of average. WARNING SPOILERS! In this episode we see James co-drive whilst Kris Meeke throws a Bentley Continental GT Speed around a rally stage. We also see Hammond drive the Pagani Heuuurur sorry, Huayra on the track. And finally we see Jeremy being Jeremy in a car supposedly smaller than the Peel P50 although to it looked a whole lot bigger.


Personally my favourite piece of the show was the GT Speed. Kris Meeke you may remember beat Amy Williams at Lillehammer in a Mini rally car. His driving hasn’t got any worse, his driving on the rally stage was simply incredible along with the facial expressions of Mr. May, especially considering he couldn’t se the handbrake.  I’ve never really liked the Continental GT it seems just too big and cumbersome, and then there’s the footballer factor.


The Huayra, I’ve also never liked, I always preferred the Zonda. The Huayra always looks giant to me and it may be incredibly fast, and it really blitzed the track but I think the Zonda is better looking and just nicer in every way. The Zonda was always the first to be absolutely bonkers and the Huayra just isn’t as bonkers as it should be.


Jeremy’s Peel P50 or P45 as he calls it looked giant compared to the P50 it may be just taller but the whole idea was for it to be Smaller than the P50. I think Jeremy’s original P50 film where he drove round the BBC building was much better. However Jeremy must have huge kahunas to drive the P45 on the dual carriageway as although it was planned the cars were still travelling upwards of 70 MPH.